I just gotta tell you…


8 months! Woah! Where has the time gone?? It’s been 8 months since I’ve been out for dinner; had more than half a glass of wine (it was our one year wedding anniversary yesterday and neither of us fancied the wine we had on the table); just ‘popped out’ anywhere or been on a weekend away. Blimey. So I ask again, this time in the grammatically incorrect words of Adam Levine: WHERE HAVE THE TIMES GONE???

Since my techno disaster, I have lost the amazing app I had been using as a kind of baby book. I had emailed all the data to myself only a few weeks previously, but it now means I don’t have anywhere (apart from the date stamps from photos) to date new milestones (I still need to call my Apple friend in Newcastle back to see about recovering data). I know some people (including a really close friend of mine) have a really big problem with baby stuff all over facebook, so you might find some shorter posts detailing new skills the girls are acquiring- because they’re now coming thick and fast- if I don’t date stamp, I’ll never remember.

They are 8 months exactly today. Ivy has just cut tooth number two. Olive is still totally toothless. Ivy’s hair is starting to come in so that it’s finally kind of visible.

Both girls are proficient crawlers. Both girls LOVE climbing. Ivy sits up straight as a rod. Olive can too, but Ivy is more precisely in control of her body, like a neat little cat. Olive is more lumbering.

Ivy loves waving her arms up and down really fast; maybe she’s holding something fun that makes a banging sound, or perhaps she’s making loads of splashes in the bath. She also might be able to wave hello. It is a very amusing royal wave sort of gesture (perhaps only Brits will get that analogy?). She sometimes waves her dummy, and sometimes her hand. It should soon be a hello or goodbye, I think anyway.

Another delightful thing is the pleasure they take from seeing each other now. When they wake up, or if I take one girl out without the other and come home then they squeal and grin.

Ivy says “yeahyeahyeahyeahyeahyeahyeah (etc)” a lot. A Lot. And many other shouty things. Olive says “abfaaaa” and “mumumumum”.

Since the last update about the girls, Ivy has gone from commando to speedy crawler. Olive has started crawling off the bed (she used to topple off), out of the bedroom and into the hall… She has worked out that the rooms she sees are connected. Olive is very good at going back to all fours from standing – she concentrates very hard on not falling over.

And in the ***last few days***, they have both started ‘cruising’ – both can now walk along the sofa holding on. It’s still slow, but given that some new small skill is added to tge repertoire almost daily, I guess they’ll be quick as a flash at this, well, in a flash.

I think that’s all? No it isn’t! We have found our part time nanny- her name is Geow (falling tone, meaning drinking glass – I really will never fathom Thai nicknames, but that’s another blog post). She seems nice. Auntie is AMAZING, BUT… I can’t be so forceful with her. This lady will be the end of excuses to stay at home with the girls all day; the end of excuses not to attend play group at my school once a fortnight or so; the end of refusals to carry either of the babies (Auntie refuses to even try – she’s”too old”). Now there are two of them, and they will take the girls out and about.

There’s more! They are both still loving solids, but not the high chairs.
Co-sleeping is up and down. I mean some nights we all get a good night’s sleep, other nights we don’t. I’m a bit concerned about Olive’s nocturnal obsession with my boobs; we sleep close together now so she is generally sleeping better, but some nights she latches on at around 3am and seems never to let go. Those nights are really hard. But I don’t regret co-sleeping; it’s the Asian way, and I’m thankful for being in Thailand for that- I’m not sure I would have had the confidence to go with that instinct had I been in EngGinnyFordLand. Let’s see if I feel the same way once I’m back at work. That starts on Monday . Eek.


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