Super solids

I’m so proud of my wife, AW.

Our girls seem to be quite precocious, learning new things every day. I know every baby does so, but their learning seems to be more and mode noticeable. As they approach 8 months old, in this last month they have moved from commando crawling to crawling to cruising! Nimble Ivy especially likes to pull herself along. Her bendy feet don’t seem to be the slightest hindrance (which is what the dr told us).

Since marrying a chef, and one who knows about nutrition, I have become a lot more careful about what I eat. I now believe that if I largely avoid processed foods then I will live longer and in better health. I also believe that the amazing food AW prepared for me while pregnant, while it didn’t prevent whatever caused Ivy to grow slower (our doctor believes that her placenta may have been inefficient), has given the girls an amazing start. The superfood is continuing now with the girls’ baby food.

This is mummy AW’s labour of love. She makes it at home (or sometimes at work) and specifically seeks out a wide variety of ingredients to maximise the girls’ all round nutrition and development. And it’s organic too. This morning we had lentil, chickpea and salmon with butternut squash, vegetable stock, kale, pork liver and egg yolk. Lunch will be a fruit compote, and dinner will be another savoury combo.

The girls are so strong. We are considering looking into a fresh gourmet baby food delivery service when we are settled in the UK, but I’m aware we won’t be the first… So we’ll see.

Here are some yummy food shots (before they are stewed and puréed) :








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