I don’t know if I mentioned that for our birthdays we treated ourselves to beautiful new iPhone 5s? Well, it’s been a mixed success so far. That’s because we use the same apple ID (mine) from about 10years ago when I first downloaded iTunes. We passed our ancient iPhones over to some friends and when they removed my ID from the phone, something happened to it. It took approximately 6 hours on the phone with Apple’s (excellent, I have to say) security team to reactivate it and then at the last breath, our crappety laptop crashed. So I have lost all my data because there was no space left in its brain.
As a result, we have finally bought our MacBook Pro (yay!) We can’t afford it really (boo….) but we do need a computer that works. And we have been very restrained- we have wanted one for so long but could not justify the expense. We have been to the mac shop so often over the last three years to gaze longingly at the MacBooks that they know us by sight.
Re. the data, mostly it’s nothing. However, as the best thing about the iPhone 5 is the camera, I’ve lost a lot of pictures (but we already have millions of pictures!).I’ve also lost all the baby data from Total Baby, which is the other important thing. There is a glimmer of hope (only a glimmer) because Mr Tech from Newcastle located the data files. I have copied those onto the external hard drive and hope that using my apple ID and the MacBook, I’ll be able to recover it with the nice Apple man from Newcastle. Yesterday was his day off, so more long distance phone fun to my fella in Tyne and Wear later tonight.
thing. (Fortunately, a month or so ago I emailed myself lots of that info, so it’s not ALL GONE, just the most recent, which I’ve attempted to use my own brain to remember).
This week, Ivy is totally nimble, by the way- she is like a different baby now that she can move- DELIGHTED with herself and with life. Both of the girls are crawling all over the place, pulling themselves into and up onto things. Ivy has started trying to walk along the sofa.
Technology. When it was good, it was very very good, but when it was bad it was horrid.
Life? It was always a blessing. Lucky me!



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