Face off!

I forgot to mention in my last post, that we have had some house guests lately. They are really not welcome.
Their presence may explain why the phone /computer crash etc caused me to have a bit of a meltdown.
Not cockroaches (THE WORST), or bedbugs (had those in London and scratch roaches, actually I think those little bloodsuckers are THE WORST – had to hot wash all my clothes and seal them in bags – getting dressed for work in a British November involved stepping out onto the balcony and rooting through bin (trash) bags in the cold/rain/dark. Awful!). This time it’s rats – so far we have had 9 sightings; 3 caught in the condo’s traps, 3 caught by me (kudos please!)… And the others escaped. Mum and I literally stared into their twitchy little faces – the latest one was the worst- in Auntie’s bedroom!! I did freak out.
But now all the holes are sealed (where they came in) and the traps are now empty…. So in our room, I think the problem is over. Thank GOD! Another friend was in the UK for four weeks, came back and the rats had been partying hard in her kitchen, with lots of eating and defecating… It smells bad, even after cleaning. Her two neighbours have been away even longer… Who knows what they’ll find!?

As my phone crashed, the pictorial evidence- got lost in the ether. But if it’s recovered, I’ll spam you ASAP.



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