Family visit

So my darling mum was here for three weeks and left two days ago. We had lots and lots of fun, although we mostly stayed at home. She is totally in love with the girls.

One thing that is really great to do with kids in Bangkok (although unfortunately it still involves going to a mall (SO TIRED of malls- they are still the exception and not the norm in the UK)), is the aquarium. It’s called Siam Ocean World. It is so great for babies and young kids that we bought ourselves an annual ticket each which will pay for itself in only two more visits. My brother was here for a few days as well en route home to Tanzania via Hong Kong.

We had planned to take a short trip to the countryside or the beach, but in the end it seemed more effort than would be proportionate to the fun to be had. It isn’t the same any more…. We would have all the daily trials with the extra challenges being in a new place brings. I.e. we would perhaps have to ask for boiled water; the room could contain hazards and so could the grounds; sand. No further comment necessary. If we couldn’t enjoy our different surroundings then what was the point in going..? The babies are happy where they are. Etc etc.

Anyway, here are some aquarium pics!20130731-082149.jpg20130731-082220.jpg20130731-082237.jpg20130731-082302.jpg20130731-082405.jpg











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