A shift…?

Hi readers,

thank you for following the progress of our little family (some of you all the way from Bangkok Baby Project..!).

I feel a bit as though this blog is changing direction again. I have updated the menu to the left to help you read through new content. I am thinking now I have many things to discuss which are moving gradually away from the original focus of this blog, which was written as a space for thought and exchange about being a (pregnant) lesbian couple in Asia.

Now the girls are here, I feel I need to write specifically regarding being a bi-national couple and how to my surprise the girls have been embraced with voracity by our Thai family; how I am increasingly concerned about leaving Thailand and returning to my on family and home, and the tensions this is creating; how UK immigration makes this extremely tough; how we are going to be leaving for an unknown European destination as a result with 19-month-old twins in tow.

Click >here< for the fantastic Britcits page:

July 9th protest outside Westminster

Also I need to write about the wonders of sleeping with your babies and how this is generally frowned upon in western cultures and embraced by others (including Asian cultures). I want to detail our experiences in the hope that others will not be afraid of sharing their beds with their infants. I’ll also touch on babywearing (because it is great for your babies, but also because I am insane about woven wraps! I don’t have the funds, but just take a look at these fabrics…)

Take a look at The Wrap Geek too…

Finally there is an ongoing debate about same-sex marriage in Thailand. Law has been drafted but it excludes provision for guardianship of children from previous relationships, let alone creation of gay families, and also has no bearing on immigration here (so I could not stay here because of my Thai partner and half-Thai children).

I hope the blog still remains informative and interesting – and perhaps attracts new readers.

I have all these ideas and no time to write, really. I’ll also be doing a Thailand ‘bucket list’ sort of theme from time to time, I hope!

Much love! xoxox


5 thoughts on “A shift…?

  1. Hi.

    I am Clare from http://www.villageq.com (formerly LesbianFamily.com). I was just updating our blog directory and found your blog. I would be honored if you would consider writting a guest blog post about being queer parents in Thailand. If you are interested, please contact me!

    Thanks! And congrats on two beautiful little girls.


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