BRITISH WOMAN HAS BABY! Shock headline ;)


SO, the Royal Baby is George Alexander Louis… Great! Congratulations to the new mum! I am genuinely pleased for the couple starting their family, as I am for all new parents. I am still awaiting news from one of my pregnant friends who was due on July 14th. Nothing yet.

However, as I wrote in my last post, I am very irritated and at the same time affected by, the pressure to regain one’s figure immediately after the birth. Here below is one example of BAD PRESS (I’m not sure it’s genuine, as I am not in the UK, but given that our press is despicable (three tabloid newspapers that blatantly spread lies spring to mind), I would not be surprised. I don’t need to rant about it, because if you click this pic below, there is a very cool rant already written about this.


love, me.



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