Body image


I just wanted to link to two things I have read in the last week about women’s post-pregnant bodies and the pressure we are under to shape up. They also discuss the other issues which ought to take precedence in public discussion re. women after they have given birth. I  for one am slightly stressed that caring for twins leaves very little time to get out and run. I mean, my mother is here and we also have help, but I am proud to say that spending time with the girls takes a big precedence over running off those leftover kgs. But that doesn’t mean I feel it’s ok to have them. I want to be a hot mum. Why is that important?


For Mammamia’s article about Beall’s post-baby-bod photography project, click this image:


Click this pic for Kate Spence at Huffpost: “There’s more to motherhood than a post-baby-bod”:


Image credits to Beale (as per article), Mer-Boy on Deviant Art and “Jenna” at raising twins (


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