And breathe… a bit anyway

I have a to-do list as long as my arm, both short and longer term, now that school has broken up. I have so much I could write about that has been going on as well! One of the to-dos is to try to get the Thai driving licence out of the way. Ideally, I’d like to do it in a week or so.

The girls have  both begun sort of babbling, and look as though they might take of crawling any second. In both these fun pursuits, Olive has been slightly ahead – and Ivy has followed in less than a week. The sleeping is a bit unpredictable, but I think it seems to have improved from the worst bit.

This 8 weeks in school has been nuts – working with three-year-olds is NOT easy, whatever you may imagine. I’m so relieved that my lovely boss has allocated me a class again next year as I requested, and one that is a little older. I am feeling really optimistic about next year, but it is very scary that our plan is to LEAVE THAILAND when it’s over – that is not very long away! The parents in this group were very exacting and often present scrutinising what we were doing in the class, – so we were dreading the class party where they all come in for an hour and sit with us. It was almost as bad as I thought it would be, but I think they are actually nice enough – they pay a lot for the schooling, so they expect it to be good. Ugh though – parties are never good – the kids are high as kites!

We have been talking with several gay female couples who are at various stages of getting pregnant in Bangkok. One couple will find out tomorrow if their transfer was successful, and the other two are currently searching for a good Dr. ( and I steered a friend toward ours this afternoon). It’s so nice to help – and it made me look back at my first blog I wrote while trying to conceive – it seems a million miles away from the place we are in now. One of the girls said she has been scouring the blog because so few others she knows understand what it’s like.

People have been commenting that I have lost weight, which is great! I am well into the running home now and am thinking about how I can incorporate the same exercise into my day when I am not working.

We are not travelling to the UK this summer, although I REALLY wanted to. Mum arrives here next Friday though, followed by my brother! Meanwhile my Dad will attend the Divided Families day in London on July 9th. A report has come out (to which I contributed), advising the government that the new family immigration rules are indeed grossly unfair. It’s not binding, but it has caused some media attention to the plight of families torn apart by the rules. If you’re a Londoner, please head to parliament on July 9th to show your support!

Ok, that was a bit of a random one, but I’ll sign off there as I am really sleepy. I’m only up as I am still at the computer trying to get my photos off my iPhone. We VERY NAUGHTILY signed up for an iPhone 5 each today as both of our 4s are playing up / on their last legs. I’m a bit muddled about how to save the old data, and more than a little worried as our hard drive died. Because our laptop is sooooooooooooooooo rubbish, we had never got around to copying its contents…. which was ALL my photos. Period. All photos I have taken. Mostly I just wanted the pictures of our daughters back, but really my other pics too, as I had once held dreams of exhibiting them. To cut a long story short, the amazing computer guys at my work fixed it – but it was a horrible couple of days. And now I don’t trust hard drives.IMG_5440Here are the girls with the nurses who helped with teh IVF and IUI…. we visited them a couple of weekends ago.


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