Getting into a rhythm. Of sorts. I love life as a mummy so far. I love this little family of mine..!

For starters, since the last week of May, I have been exercising. It’s just 3.5km a day, but mon-fri I am running. Pre babies, that was enough by itself, along with sensible eating, to significantly reduce my weight. I think it is working, although the comparison pic (yes there is one coming up) shows different underwear. The problem isn’t really a pot belly (I haven’t ever really had that problem, even at my heaviest), but more of a love handles and super-fat-limbs thing. I’m doing 200 crunches and building in some (girl) push-ups when I wake up as well. It takes only 5 mins and I don’t want to add loads of other stuff coz if I do, I won’t be able to squeeze it into the morning routine. At the moment, I can manage 13 push-ups. My diet is quite sensible anyway (succession of birthday cakes excepted..), as Auntie cooks rice with vegetarian Thai food every day, and I have a big bowl of museli in the morning. I also have unhealthy snacks at work, but this is a minimum- like a few dark chocolate-covered almonds (which I hope also contain good stuff). School lunches vary in healthiness, but apart from fish and chips on Friday, usually leave me at least one healthy option. Anyway, I do feel good about this- can you see any difference?


Jeez though, the babies’ sleep….. Whatever rhythm there was before I returned to work has disappeared. It is tough. I usually deal with Olive. Ivy is on formula through the night and so sleeping well. Maybe it’s growth (my milk isn’t enough for my gargantuan baby girl any longer), but Olive is not sleeping through any more. Even if I ‘dream feed’ her at 10 or 11 (when it’s already way past my bedtime), she wakes at 2, 3, or worse, 4. Each time, she feeds for 45 mins or an hour. If we lie down to feed I usually doze, but I have to wake up to put her back to sleep properly at the end. If she wakes at 4, as I get up for work at 5.30, that’s pretty much it for the day. So things are quite rough, in terms of tiredness. I always knew that tired would be the new normal, but what is annoying is that things were going so well, and now they aren’t. I thought it was just coz I’ve returned to work and she was freaking out, but I’ve already been working for 6 weeks and things have not calmed down. It’s ok. I know it’s going to stop one day, but why is it happening, and is she eating in the night for comfort or hunger? Would it be better for me in the long run to give her a bottle so that she is not associating me with sleep and comfort? But if I am at work then they’ll both get formula while I’m out and formula in the night. Really I wanted to breastfeed longer than that. Anyone got any advice?
We have actually started on solids. It hasn’t helped with the sleeping so far. Predictably, Olive loves them and Ivy hates them. We have tried banana, and pumpkin /carrot. We decided to start coz of the crazy night feeding, but also because both girls (olive particularly) have been watching us eat, enthralled, and are now grabbing for our plates. Olive wolfs down everything, and Ivy complains. She is still complaining. About a lot of stuff. I try to cuddle her to comfort her the way I do for Olive, but it doesn’t work in the same way. She does get happy, but her moods are very changeable; she’ll be laughing in delight and two seconds later she’s furious. We just need to be patient and see how things pan out, I think.

20130606-190354.jpg Here’s Ivy trying pumpkin.

20130606-190723.jpg Ivy doing some rolling

20130606-190839.jpg current size comparison.. !

20130606-191408.jpg My birthday card from the girls.

20130606-191501.jpg good morning!

A final note- I have been following the attempts at pregnancy, the pregnancies and new families of many straight and lesbian couples, but just discovered (through instagram) a blog I like by two dads. They conceived in Mumbai via egg donor and surrogate and have just arrived back in the States with their twins. So cool. Check out their blog, and a load of links to blogs by other gay dads, here: http://www.newdadsontheblock.com
Ok. Off I go…!


2 thoughts on “Rhythms

  1. Not sure how old the girls are now, but ours went through a mad sleep regression phase at around 4/5 months (which is totally normal) and it did eventually go back to normal (with immie sleeping through and Claudie waking once or twice for a BF) with the exceptions of teething and other, smaller growth spurts. Weaning has made no difference to any babies I know. Sleeping through seems to just be something some babies do better and sooner than others. Personally I believe that until they are one they are potentially hungry during the night and I co-sleep with Claudie so I can just roll over, feed her and go back to sleep. Once she is one we may attempt to stop the night feeds but we are just going to see how it goes.
    Either way I hope you get a bit more sleep. I know how awful sleep deprivation can feel. Xx

    1. Thanks! We sleep with Olive so we can do the rolling over thing, it seems to be the only way to cope. I dislike the fact that I’m unsure how long she’s eaten for (as I am usually sleeping once she’s latched on), but she will just stop once she’s had enough. Thanks for offering advice 🙂 (our girls will be 6 months in 13 days. It’s going crazily fast!) xxx

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