Thank you.

This is just a mini update as I was looking back at my blog and I had a lot of concerns earlier on. Thank you if you were one of the lovely people who reached out to offer me advice and support.

My findings are as follows: The long and short of it is, if you’re a new mum in those first weeks: IT WILL WORK OUT!

We gave Ivy a pacifier even though we hate them, and it works. Ivy never ever took to my breast. I try again every so often, usually when we are playing and she is happy and not hungry – it’s still no go. Olive feeds rapaciously some days and likes tiny bird the next. But things are working out. The lactation consultant never came so I managed that situation. What ya gonna do? You have to manage. The issues with Auntie – I decided not to sweat the small stuff. Sure it’s annoying sometimes living with an in-law but isn’t that a universal truth?

In the big picture, I have a wonderful wife, two healthy daughters and an exciting future. Yes, there are some obstacles ahead, but like those we have already overcome, they make us stronger. Never a truer adage.

Thank you.


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