5 months update

Hello! Thanks for keeping up with my blog, there isn’t much of interest here now for people who don’t know us, I’d imagine..

So this week, we’re approaching my 34th birthday. I can’t quite believe that I’ve arrived at that ripe old age already. And then I can. I’m the happiest I have been in many years, but I’m also perhaps the most exhausted and out of shape. Despite eating less and running around after 4-year-olds every day, I’m still carrying around a ton of extra weight, and I do not feel good about it. I know I need to do more exercise, but it takes time away from the girls. I have been to work every day with my work-out gear but have had neither the strength nor will to carry it through. There was a week when I ran home from work once, and worked out after the girls were asleep. Then I had an accident with my toenail (it got wrenched off!) and I had to stay out of the pool and out of my sweaty running shoes for a week. That was followed by a series of really bad nights with the girls and some report writing, meaning the 8-9 work out slot was instead filled with typing. This week I’ll try to step it up again. I just don’t feel good as a puffy person, and it has been years since I have looked or felt that way. I need to find a routine and a rhythm. I have about 10kg to shift! That is 22lbs (1 stone 8lbs). GOD!!

Anyway, this fatty-bum-bum has been very lucky indeed this morning because as my birthday treat, we finally took a trip to the Bangkok Treehouse – an Eco hotel in Bang Krachao.



Our room



This is an area of Bangkok across the river which although popular with tourists for biking tours, really is more or less undisturbed. I love the area, but since the pregnancy we hadn’t come over here. It’s generally a somewhat creature-comforts-free zone. Not good when heavily pregnant or with floppy newborns. But it is a great place to travel to without needing to actually travel – it’s nothing like the concrete jungle which is Bangkok proper. Previously the only available options for accommodation were lovely quaint little homestays. We have had a really nice time here as this high end eco-hotel on stilts in the jungle at the river’s edge. It is surrounded by a network of raised walkways on which the main modes of transport are bike or motorbike. The design is really cool and it has been designed for maximum efficiency. All staff are local (and so are organic produce and products sold). Anyway, AW has a potential project in the pipeline with this hotel, so we are very excited. The twins have mostly been very well behaved, and coming away for a single night reduced the amount of stuff we needed. On the first day of our stay, Olive ate very little, but today she’s a real piggie.


How are the girls?
The girls are mostly amazing. Ivy still has a tendency to scream, but it’s usually other people (if present) who’re alarmed – it’s ‘tamadaa’ (usual) for us now. The clinic we weighed them at has vanished overnight so I took them yesterday to lie on the scales in our gym – I’m not sure how accurate they are in relation to the others but it will even out over time. Ivy weighed in at 6kg and Olive at 6.9kg. That’s great because Ivy was only 5.2kg last time. There are absolutely no concerns about Olive’s weight..!

Both girls are now grabbing and manipulating toys and our faces. Olive loves to stare into my eyes and paw my face before crunching whatever part she’s touching into a fairly painful ball. Ivy is the most vocal twin, but both continue to experiment with different pitches – today both were doing a new kind of bear growl, apparently for their own entertainment. Olive’s thick hair has started to really fall out. I feel a bit worried about it- will all her hair disappear?! When will it grow back? It is quite long now, so it is very disheveled looking now half of it is missing.

We also had our first taste of banana!



Babywearing again…
I love carrying the girls in wrap slings. AW likes the Baby Bjorn but it really hurt my back and I was getting discouraged. Then a friend here who’s an enthusiast showed me the world of woven wraps… People collect them and trade them for limited edition new releases and the cost sometimes reach £300 if someone is selling on a wrap which was handmade in very small numbers. Totally totally addictive. They are beautiful, but I don’t need millions. I have a few coming over with mum in July. And that will be my lot!

20130526-193138.jpg My Oscha sling on its way!

Benjamin Zephaniah
I think that is everything…. We all met Benjamin Zephaniah last week – he is one of the UK’s most famous living poets. He was resident in our school for a week of workshops. He’s a real philanthropist too so I wrote him a letter about the UK immigration rules (he is very political and pro multiculturalism / immigration). He actually took the time to call me. What a lovely guy.



2 thoughts on “5 months update

  1. Ohhhh great looking hotel! So nice to be able to get away but still it just across the river from where you live. Saves excess travel time with the babies. Cute photo of you all with Benjamin.

  2. Happy late Birthday! The girls are getting so big! I feel your pain about the extra weight! I’m having the same issues and agree that all I need to do is be active but its hard to find the time : ) Its a work in progress….we’ll get there some day!

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