Back at the beach

Firstly, it’s quite wonderful to be at the beach again with my wife. Secondly, it’s lovely to come to the place we met with our daughters for the first time. We were really lucky we decided to come when we did as it had been raining torrentially for the previous 5 days. It was still raining on our first day. ALL DAY. I have been here in July before (when this isle is the RAINIEST PLACE IN THAILAND) and it was the same- try unrelenting until, well, it relents.
From this:

To this:

It’s great. The girls are being very cutely excited about the new environment, and tolerant of the sand/ sun cream and enjoyed their venture into the sea.

My beach body though is pretty trauma-inducing for a former fitness junkie. I know it’s irrelevant really. I know it is because I have been at home for four months eating the ‘extra’ permitted for breastfeeding mums. Back to work on Monday, and back to a diet free if digestive biscuits and other high-calorie snacks. Back to running home? Perhaps not on the first day.


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