Babywearing and other stuff.

Before I start going on about baby wearing and how much i love wrap slings, I wanted to share these with you again, as I stumbled across them the other day I and although at the time I knew my legs were swollen, I didn’t appreciate HOW MUCH:

IMG_1479So there is a little treat for you all!

As the title pf the post suggests though, I bought some buckle slings and they are great so I was already sold on the idea of carrying the babies that way (if only I could manage them both at once!!). Then a friend said she preferred the wrap style slings and said she would lend me a couple. I am afraid, once I saw them, that was IT – I am slightly obsessed and I can see from the facebook group Slings and Things FSOT (for sale or trade) that I am far from alone. It has almost 10000 members. I have thus far managed to hold off buying any of my own because they are expensive and we are short of money at the moment, but there are many established brands which produce amazing jaquard-style fabrics, many of them limited edtion and highly sought after. Some women have wardrobes full of these slings (and obviously a bottomless bank account!):




Gypsy mama

but my favourite (which if you know me probably won’t surprise you) is this style of fabric by Smigli slings. I don’t like all the ones I have seen but this beautiful Orange and purple is wonderful. Just need to save up my pennies!

I have also thought of sourcing fabric, rather than buying a ready made wrap, as I have fairly particular tastes. More on that soon, if I decide to go ahead. You can get 5 yards of fabric which is double the width and I could make two wrap slings and sell one. Literally all that needs doing is to hem the fabric.

Here are some pics of the ones I have been loaned:








2 thoughts on “Babywearing and other stuff.

  1. I love my moby! It’s not beautiful, it’s just plain brown, but I love it. I don’t know what I would do without it. I put it on and leave it on sometimes, just taking babies in and out. Soooo good.

    1. I have been given a moby but I’m a bit afraid of its stretchiness! The two I have “learned” with are non-stretchy and it’s quite tricky to wrap them firmly as it is. I need to practise (my moby was cream… Now it is purple 😉 )

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