And in other news….

I tacked this info on the end of the last post but somehow it’s no longer there:

1) I’m no longer having a cow about the terrible TV. This is because although it annoys me I am in the bedroom from 7 until I fall asleep trying to get the babies to sleep. It will become an issue once the girls (if they ever do this…!) go to sleep at 7.30 and I can come out again to have an evening. Anyone can see it’s unfair to spend every single evening dominating the whole living space with terrible telly. I envisage that not being an issue, but that I may still need AW to help me explain.

2) Olive is swimming every day. We go at 6.30 pm because the sun has been on the pool all day so it should be at its warmest. I want both of them to get used to the water really early. Ivy has been once, but I am wary of starting a three hour scream off (we have a lot of those- The Wheels on the Bus we recently discovered is the (current) cure). I’m gonna give it a while longer to integrate her but I’d like to take them both at the same time as it knocks Olive out for an hour or so. But then I need two people and auntie won’t be down with going at Soap O’clock (AW) will be working. Sigh. Another bridge to cross.

3) UK: as I was pregnant and we were skint, last summer I stayed here for the first time. It was pretty miserable, and the Olympics only helped heighten my homesickness. I was totally dead set on having a holiday there this summer; there was no way I could conceive of it NOT happening. Well, it’s not happening. There are many practical reasons why it was too difficult – the long haul flights would be daunting, but people do it all the time. The real reasons are first that we are skint due to my half pay during these maternity months, and the UK is not cheap. Second,is that I wanted to stay 4 or 5weeks and that AW can only take a max of 12 DAYS. If we only had one baby, that would not matter but I can’t travel back alone with two infants…. So those two things along with some others clinched the fact that we’d be holidaying in Asia (but I really want to use those shiny new passports we rushed out to get!!). Mum was really upset and is coming here instead. My brother might be too from Tanzania. So it will be nice. But MAN, I miss home, and the plan is that we will leave Thailand for good in Jul 2014. There’s all sort of demonic, unhinged stuff happening with UK politics at the moment, so I want to get in before all routes home are slammed shut on us. Please take a minute to check out which is a wealth of info about our immigration problem. We can’t go straight home as we’ll find it very hard to qualify, even though we have kids. The plan is a year in Europe. Where? Don’t know yet!


One thought on “And in other news….

  1. Swimming sounds so nice! Its barely been warm enough to get out and go for a walk! I can’t wait til Spring is truly here so I can get Noah outside every day!
    I’m so sorry that you aren’t able to visit the UK! I know that makes you so sad but at least your mom is coming to you! : ) The thought of travelling with the baby is overwhelming I can’t imagine trying to do it with two!
    Glad to hear all is going well!

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