Ten week update

I feel I have neglected to keep the blog updated and for that I’m really sorry. I am just too busy most of the time, and when the babies sleep, I want to as well. I must begin with affirm how much I love them and AW. My family!! Being a mum is tough but just as you imagine- a feeling like no other.

How are you guys? Olive and ivy are 10.5 weeks now and they are changing before our eyes. As twins are full term at 37 weeks when I had them, I’m not sure I should ‘correct’ their age to 7.5 weeks, but certainly I’d consider ivy to be premature as she was so teeny tiny. She’s also much more out of sorts with the world and needier. She really cries a LOT.

Here are their weight charts as of this week:



From those you can see that Olive is slightly ahead of her corrected weight percentile now, but Ivy lags behind. We aren’t worried though.

So how are we all doing?

Ivy has been FUSSING a lot this last week or so. This has seen her 120ml feeds go down to 60ml and it has been a struggle to get that in her. We think she has some wind issues which are making her uncomfortable. We are going to experiment with some different types of bottle to see if she cries less. Olive went through a similarly annoying phase about ten days before that where she was really fighting the breast yet very hungry- was quite distressing. Sadly it seems that one twin has rejected the breast now. I thought ivy was getting accustomed to the breast, but it seems that she has gone past a point of no return in that regard. Presenting her with a breast now just makes her absolutely furious.

Ok, but rather unpredictable. Olive, that is. Last night they both slept from about 8 all the way through to gone 4am. Amazing, right??? But the previous night she woke up at 1 for a 45 min feed and for another of the same length at 2.30. The night prior to that it was 12, 2 and 4, and the 2am feed turned out to be only 4 minutes long. Tonight Ivy went down at 7.30. It’s 9 now and Olive is showing no signs of drowsiness and in fact seems to want to drain me of every last drop of milk. The worst night was when I spent the best part of 5 hours to get her to drop off – a cycle of feeding, singing and shhh-patting that felt like it would never end. The wheels on the bus is super super effective at calming my two usually. During the day, Olive is not very keen on sleeping…

Olive is a cool customer and these days she can be left on the floor to suck her hand, babble or look at what’s going on for quite some time before she gets cross and cries. Ivy is quite tense and a good chunk of her waking time is spent crying. But she sleeps a lot.

Little personalities
Our girls are so distinct in every way. It’s fab to watch their characters begin to come through. Their reactions to poo in their nappies is funny; a drop of poo with start Ivy wailing, but you usually find it in Olive’s nappy, all ground it. Laid back!

Generally, Olive has been slightly ahead of Ivy in these first milestones.

Smiling – both girls are now doing cutie smiles.

Looking – both ate really taking things in now and enjoy seeing new things.

Lifting their heads – Both have been trying to lift their heads and shoulders. Ivy has become really really adept, and is always practising.

False standing- Olive loves to do this

Babbling – olive does this a lot now- ivy is just beginning.

Anyway, over at Instagram there are hundreds of pics – my ID there is Roxx79. Here are a few more though. Thanks for reading:





2 thoughts on “Ten week update

  1. No need to apologise! My Elijah is almost 8 months old and I STILL neglect my blog quite a bit. I stopped apologizing months ago haha

    The girls seem to be thriving and happy – good job mums!

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