Fussy eaters, leaps and futures

Thanks so much for the helpful advice / feedback /comments about our conundrums. Happily the stress levels have generally dropped – we have still got an ever changing set of things to deal with, but I think we are dealing with them. A shout out especially to Robin over at Polycystic Inside and Two Aussie Mammas for their really encouraging and supportive comments and links.

So, what’s new?

Olive has been a real little monkey, and fussing like noone’s business at the breast. Today is about the 6th day, and thank goodness, it seems as though we have turned a corner. Her feeds dropped in length without warning from 30 mins to 10. And they were really annoying too- lots of protesting, high pitched whining and screaming, meaning that the feeds were not very efficient. This just kept getting worse. On day three I popped to the clinic over the road to have her weighed as I was concerned that she simply wasn’t eating enough. To my surprise, in 10 days she’d shot up from 3.68kg to 4.47kg- so I felt that however miserable it was for me feeding her, her health was GOOD.

It continued to get worse, so I had a screaming, starving baby, who would drink for now less than one minute before starting her tantrums. The only thing which worked was persistence (at some feeds) and to my annoyance, walking. Yep, the motion might keep her feed at about 15 mins. So many baby books say that however tricky breast feeding is, at least you can sit down, relax etc… Not with Olive. Now feeding is often characterised by strutting and singing ‘The Wheels on the Bus’.

We had our 2 month vaccinations on Tuesday. The girls were really good, despite being obviously weirded out by feeling so exhausted and feverish. The single shot was against 6 things! Such a lot for their little bodies. It seems that finally today, Olive has resumed her peace with feeding. At times we were really at a loss because she was hysterical with what we can only assume was hunger, and yet rejected breast, cup and teat. Robin brought the book ‘The Wonder Weeks’ to my attention and this book discusses ten ‘leaps’ babies make in their first year. The premise us that these leaps are very bewildering for babies, and lead to ‘bad’ behaviour such as loads of crying, clinginess, loss of appetite. I wondered if this was what was happening to Olive, then sure enough, today this happened:


It was totally out of the blue as it’s
Ivy who has been lifting up her head and doing loads of grabbing with her hands. Olive’s development has been more around her interest in her surroundings- she loves to go for walks and to look all around her. In fact, it’s one of the reasons I think she really doesn’t want to go to sleep. It’s fascinating to see their characters developing- they are so different from each other! Anyway, Ivy should not be far behind with the body-lifting, but she seemed very very fussy today, so perhaps she is now approaching the same developmental leap.??

They are bad sleepers during the day, but really not so bad at night. Sometimes we only have to wake up once.

We have had some lovely visitors and made some short trips by taxi and on foot to the mall and to a cafe which makes killer eggs benedict (forbidden when pregnant due to hollandaise and smoked salmon!). We reluctantly admitted that we could not make the trip home to the UK this summer- it has crept up on us too soon, and we have not resolved the issue of my return; AW has a much shorter leave than I do, so I have to return after only 12 days with her because I cannot travel alone with two infants. However, we have also made concrete plans about sidestepping the hideous UK immigration laws the following summer and so the future looks very very bright. The journey home for our family looks to be in sight!



2 thoughts on “Fussy eaters, leaps and futures

  1. You’re welcome! So glad to be able to help, even if it’s just a little.

    Happy to hear things are settling, hope it continues that way 😀

  2. I HATE LEAPS. I mean they are good I guess but I kind of hate them. We’re in one right now and it just drives me crazy. I kind of wonder if they aren’t just always “leaping” with some quiet periods in between. Like one week of goodness to every 2-3 weeks of craziness. Sigh!

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