Laws, certs, schedules and stuff.

Development… When do babies start to learn to do stuff like suck on their fists? Hold their heads up? From what stage should I be reading them stories (despite apparent disinterest)?
When I return to work in mid April, the girls will be almost 4 months old. I have to feel that my expectations about raising the twins are understood and carried out in my absence. The thing that concern me the most is the fact that when the babies have eaten they need stimulation. Even if we can’t get the timing right, I want a rough routine of wake, eat, play/stimulus.
Actually it goes like this:
Morning Nap
Music/ Baby Einstein/ trip out
midday Nap
Trip out (at about 3.15 when I get home)
Evening Nap (hopefully by then in the bedroom)
Bed / night time
I really don’t want them eating-then-sleeping-then-eating-then-sleeping all day. They won’t develop!

Having said that…..

What sort of stimulus should we be giving them?
Is a walk around the garden enough?
How old must they be for a swim?

Feeding is still ok, although Olive has been fussing so I have had to stop feeding and distract her. I think she needs my full attention when feeding. Normally I try to read or check Facebook… No longer.

We went to the UK embassy last Monday to get the babies’ birth registration done. It’s awesome- our girls have us both named as parents on their UK birth cert. We received them today. The laws in the UK are great for gay rights. The news may or may not have reached you that gay marriage has just been voted through. Just wish the current government were not such utter ******* about my spouse and our (British) kids getting in!
On that front, I think we will be leaving Thailand in July 2014 and heading to Europe. We’ll spend some time there and I will teach (international school or failing that TEFL). Am annoyed that it will delay our arrival in the UK, and worried about it being expensive, but I’m excited too. I feel that as long as I have my wife and children with me, we’ll be ok. And it means once we get to the UK we don’t have to worry about stupid temporary visas, language and culture tests. And the £5000 or so we would spend on the visas can instead bolster our income whilst in Paris or Berlin… Long term it is the best road for us. And hopefully fun too!
Love to all.


I went out with them both by myself today for the first time. Just downstairs to the garden and over to Starbucks.


4 thoughts on “Laws, certs, schedules and stuff.

  1. I think they generally hold up their heads around 6-8 weeks, sucking on fists seems to happen around 3-4months, but I don’t know. I can’t remember what our babies did and they were preemies so it wouldn’t matter for you anyway. At 4 months most babies are sucking fingers, reaching and grabbing things, and may be rolling over. Check out the book The Wonder Weeks (you can get it as an ebook), it will tell you those kinds of things as well as the characteristics of the growth spurts an games / stimulation appropriate for their skill levels. 🙂

  2. I heard about the UK vote on gay marriage and immediately thought of you and how it would impact your family. I’m so excited that more and more places are allowing marriage equality and hopefully one day, so will all of the USA. The girls are absolutely precious and I love seeing the pictures you post of them, and I agree with stimulus after feeding instead of just laying them down right away. We try to do the same with Jaxson, reading to him or telling him made-up stories, playing with toys, just spending time with him. I am sure you are doing a great job 🙂

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