I titled this post because it’s the one constant in this journey as new parents. We can’t expect the same things from one day to the next.

The last two days have been pretty good. Which i’m really glad about, given that the the two previous days really sucked.

The milk is definitely IN. Olive is feeding on demand during the day and tanking up on bottles during the night. Ivy is drinking a mixture of formula and expressed breast milk. I’m happy with that for now but i hope that with a donation of one of those big blocky-twin-breastfeeding pillows, I’ll be able to line them up and tandem feed at the breast. Ivy has shown loads of interest in my breasts, but unless I catch her before the hunger really sets in, feeding from there is too slow for her and she gets cross. If she’s just a bit peckish, then she’ll give it a go. This morning, she sucked more or less continually for 13 mins. The longest yet, and suggests her latch / technique must be good enough to eventually feed. Made me so glad I didn’t give up.

Which brings me to the not-so-good days. I was worrying a bit about breastfeeding Olive meaning Ivy was often not with me, as AW’s auntie is so great. To strengthen our bond I decided that I would try to keep Ivy with me all morning and auntie could feed/ deal with Olive. I hoped we would have some uninterrupted skin-on-skin time, and we did. It was great. Then later, Olive refused the second bottle, even though she’d only had one other earlier in the morning. So I attempted to bring her back to the breast.
We fought it out fit two hours, before I had a meltdown (the first of a few the afternoon /evening) and fed her from a cup.
I felt total despair! I know it’s dramatic, but it feels so very personal when your baby rejects you. For Olive, I decided to implement a strict no-bottle policy from that point – if she’s off the boob and lazy after half a morning on the bottle, that means no bottles. The next day was also an all-day war for the breast. It was shit. I was very much in a place where breastfeeding didn’t seem worth it.
However, day three of No-bottles-for-Olive saw her miraculously stop screaming and accept the breast with her previous enthusiasm! Which was rather nice.
And a really fantastic lady who is a member of Bangkok Twins Group has been popping in to support me, and another from the same group dropped round a huge breast feeding pillow especially for twins today. We are not quite there yet, but we might get there. Ivy is spending some time at the breast every day.

In other news, my parents arrived today. That means we’ll have more hands on deck and we also get to see the lovely relationship between grandchildren and grandparents develop. Oh, and they brought some very cool stuff with them too. I’m waiting for the pump parts and pots to boil at the moment having just tried out my Avent double pump and my pumping bra (we did end up buying one). There are lots of delightful clothes which they are too small for at the moment, pretty much without exception. I’m really looking forward to seeing mum and dad in the morning.

The babies weights have been climbing, and Ivy has now hit 2kg (4.4lbs) – a critical milestone. Olive weighed in at 2820g, so she is still 700g heavier than Ivy at 2100g.

My body, I have to say, has really impressed me. I have jelly belly and stretch marks, but three weeks after giving birth, they are kind of flat. The swelling has gone. I will post the photos in the ‘in pictures’ gallery (can’t do it now from my phone).

Two of my real life friends from the UK gave birth to their little girls, both called Jessica. I also read that Sarmarog whose blog I follow ave birth to he twins Jack and Ella.

Exciting times! Baby dust to everyone

I’d better not get too comfortable; i bet there is probably some other big change approaching tomorrow which will involve more adjustment… And more, and more!



2 thoughts on “Adjustment

  1. Wow, you’re tough! Those sound like two absolutely shite days – good on you!

    If I’ve learned anything from my Elijah, it’s dont get too comfortable hehe so you’re right there.

    Hope things continue to go well!

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