On the boob…?

I want to excuse myself briefly for having not been replying / commenting much- my hands are so often both full (or my eyes are closing). I’m still reading when I get the chance. Thank you so much for your support, I have a lactation support of sorts thanks to a comment left on this blog- really helped me with my confidence. 🙂

Here is all I wanted to say in this post:
1) Biggo and I made it 24 hours without a bottle!!! 10 feeds!
2) Smalls is set to come off the glucose drip in the next few days!

Once she’s home we’ll be trying to cope with cluster feeding x2. Wish us luck!

Anyone have any light to shed on baby poo whilst breast feeding? Biggo has not pooed for 48hours (since i restricted then withdrew formula completely). Should we be concerned? I read that breast fed babies often don’t poo much as it’s all absorbed and used by baby…



4 thoughts on “On the boob…?

  1. You hae absolutely no reason to apologise :p I’m sure no one expects you to be putting your blog at top priority for at least another couple days 😉

    Glad to hear the BF is going well! It can be reeeeeally tough. Don’t worry too much about the pooping – apparently they can go for up to 10 days without pooping if they’re BF.

  2. The literature states that breastfed babies under 6 weeks should have at least 3-4 poops (anything bigger than a US quarter size stain in the diaper counts, but personally I would like to see at least one big mess 🙂 in a 24 hr period. Once the baby is past 6 weeks and the milk is purely mature breast milk (no more colostrum) the pattern becomes more varied where some babies poop 6 times / day and others only once a week. Since Biggo has had formula as well, maybe her digestive system is working a little slower. If you are concerned about her intake you could weigh her every couple of days (4-8 oz (~120 – 240g) per week are the average weight gain. Also check her appearance for dehydration and her behavior. If Biggo is alert and not overly sleepy it would indicate that she is fine. Hope this helps!

  3. I think even breast fed babies at first have 3-4 poops per day, but not necessarily as big as formula fed ones. I would ask a doctor, not necessarily out of concern (like it sounds like anything is wrong) but just to make sure. My babies now poop anywhere from every 3-8 days, but that started after a few months of daily poops. I think the most important thing is peeing, they should have plenty of wet diapers every day. Pooping seems to vary a lot.

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