Hmm -things with the breastmilk are improving! I have been expressing a lot for Smalls and trying to feed Biggo without any formula (have failed on that so far, though we are having to use it MUCH less than before, and are optimistic that before long it won’t be necessary). Biggo has done some weird things to my left nipple, but it’s notreally sore and I think her latch is fine, as you can see her jaw moving as she swallows. Yesterday we went all morning till perhaps mid afternoon with no formula, but finally caved in at around 5pm after a series of deeply frustrating bad latches, screaming and then nipple rejection. We had barely slept the previous night, so then we decided to give ourselves a decent sleep by feeding her at 10 with a bottle supplement. It’s got to balance a bit with our (my) health, hasn’t it?

Breast pumping is absurd, but there’s no doubt that the electric pump we have been lent is indispensable at this stage in the feeding cycle.
We are watching very closely for any signs of jaundice in Biggo’s skin and eyes, as this can be caused by a lack of food.
Smalls is looking ok in the SBCU, where she is gradually gaining weight and can now feed through the mouth. I believe that I’ll be able to feed her myself once she is off the glucose drip. I CANNOT WAIT!!
Love, baby dust etc to all


4 thoughts on “Milkshake

  1. Please please please don’t feel like you failed if you give formula supplements! It will take your body a while to produce enough milk to feed two babies – if it ever does! I’d say in our house we do about 70% breast milk (4-5 out of 6-7 feedings a day), and some days it is less. You will also produce less milk in tr earnings, which is crazy because babies are hungrier in the evening.

    Be kind to yourself. There are advantages to bottle supplements. You can sleep while someone else (your partner!) does an occasional feeding, for example. My husband has changed his work schedule so he can come home earlier but it means I’m now doing all the morning feedings when he used to have one to himself and he is sad to miss that alone time with the babies that he values so much.

    You are doing an AMAZING job! Please remember to be kind to yourself!!!

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