The latch – help!!!

I am trying to stay calm about Biggo’s obvious preference for a bottle over my meagrely milked boobs. I’m pumping often to express for her sister s d I’m really encouraged to see more and more coming. But Biggo’s doesn’t really want the boob- I can’t tell if she’s actually getting any milk!


5 thoughts on “The latch – help!!!

  1. 😦

    My lactation consultant says lots of skin to skin (she says this for basically everything haha). Naked snuggle time with baby near the boob will trigger the rooting reflex eventually, as well as boost your milk supply even if Biggo doesn’t eat 🙂

  2. The only down side to feeding from the boob is that you really dont know how much they are eating and they isn’t any way to know. My doctor told us that they just watch to make sure the baby is gaining weight and that is the only way to know if they are getting enough.
    We just started introducing Noah to bottles now that its getting close to time for me to return to work and he really likes them. Its easier for them to get the milk with the bottle and if they get to work less then they prefer that. He’s really likes the bottles and its been hard getting him to go back to the boob at night.
    Talking to a lactation nurse may be a great idea. I spoke to one several times while we were in the hospital. They have excellent information and tips to help new mommies. Good Luck! Thinking of you!

    1. I know about all the theory behind breat feeding, but I’m just finding the reality do tough. Like, I don’t mind waking in the night over and over if the baby will feed without tantrums or falling asleep on my boob. I can’t seem to satisfy her at all by myself, maybe she just never reaches the hind milk? Gosh, I don’t know. I don’t really like how much AW is excluded from the whole thing, either. This morning, I was nursing Biggo pretty much from 7.45 am all the way through till 11.30. The rest of the time trying to express for ivy, and still my supply seems meagre. The twins are now a week old, surely my milk should now be bountiful?

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