Well I’m really glad the world did not get fried by the Mayan’s predicted gamma rays yesterday. Rather this date marked the end of my personal world as I know it. Nothing will be the same again.

Our world changed the first time in 2012 when we got married- it was the simplest of affairs, but there were a rush of feelings that nearly floored me when we read our vows (which, incidentally end with “today my world changes”). Yesterday morning I said a tearful goodbye to AW at the doors of the operating theatre. I didn’t see her again for 2.5 hours. After the terror of the (really not bad) spinal block /epidural, the weird tugging and pulling, suddenly the rush of hearing those big throaty baby cries shifted and zapped my world again.

Yesterday there was a lot of waiting around as Drs checked a LOT of new babies. It might sound unbelievable to some of you that it’s 24 hours since I gave birth, and i still haven’t seen our smaller twin. I will do at about 2.30 this afternoon. At 1680g, she has been whisked off to an incubator. Apart from her size we think she is in good health, but i have not yet walked and was under close observation myself, so I couldn’t go.

It was frustrating, but in the end they brought us our ‘big’ 2508g bundle, and I gave her the boob. I’m pretty sure there was nothing coming out, and that she hadn’t latched on, but she certainly seemed to be enjoying herself! Today she will be with us all day, and I’m really hoping I can sit up so that I can try to get her properly latched on (yesterday on my side I was one-handed).

She’s gorgeous, but looks surprisingly non-Thai so far. I’d imagined that the Thai genes would be more prominent because they are darker. Maybe they are in the smaller twin? My gosh I can’t wait to see her!!

I’m very happy I’m not pregnant any more- it was starting to feel as though I myself was a giant baby; a distinctly chubby eat-sleep-poo machine. Now that phase is over, and for all its faults it’s given us the best end-of-the world we could have asked for (except for not having seen Smalls yet). Two external eat-sleep-poo machines! The wound /womb are sore but so far I have not accepted any painkillers, so you could argue that that’s my own fault.

Biggo is with me now and we are having some trouble with my boobs – I knew feeding would be a big challenge and I don’t have the milk yet so she sucks and gets frustrated. I hope I’m strong enough to walk about today.

I am sweating quite heavily the whole time. AW says it is not hot. I think it is one way the body removes the excess fluid. That and the weeing. I still have a catheter in and it’s odd seeing the nurses carting off litres of wee.

Anyway, the end of our world as we knew it wasn’t so bad. 🙂

We will post pics as soon as we have pics of both babies, promise – and tell you their names!

Serious Question:
Did any mums get first time snoring / nasal congestion during late pregnancy? Does it go away?

Horror Question:
Any of you ever popped open your hospital IV line in the dark? That is some scary stuff. Think Tarantino.



19 thoughts on “21.12.12

  1. Welcome to the world little girls.

    I snored a lot but it goes away. Actually all your funny pregnancy symptoms disappear over the next 2 – 3 weeks. Including the massive swollen feet.

  2. congrats and congrats! can’t wait to see pics!
    (take a painkiller please, reading that sentence made me hurt for you, you’re a much stronger woman than i!)

    1. Hehe! They had a great birthday but we have been really struggling with colds.. Olive now has another temperature and possibly a rash… It’s hard that everyone has been ill the whole time I have been off work so far. When I go back, I bet they will be fine!!

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