Last Post before Christmas?

So Friday is the day.

Unless doc has to reschedule due to someone else’s emergency, or if I go into labour beforehand, the c-section will happen on Friday morning.

No waiting around for labour, no more waiting for Smalls to grow (well actually we are still hoping for that over the 6 days between last appointment and their B-day…), no more concerns. My blood pressure has finally begun to creep up a bit, so that along with my super swelling is reason not to wait longer than necessary, and right now we are in week 37.

Smalls is still showing up undersized, but she is active and responsive and so she should be ready for the real world. She might struggle to regulate her body temperature though if she is born under 2kilos, meaning we may have one twin in with me and one in an incubator.

I had a nice easy three day week last week and have been following the dr’s orders to rest as much as possible – and taking it quite literally. I’ve zoomed through 3 books and watched all of True Blood 5 and Dexter 7. AW is also not letting up on the amount of food I have to eat.

Typical breakfast this last week. Yes, all of it:


So…. Thoughts about this coming weekend… And Christmas..? I already have three of the best presents I could dream of: the best partner ever; and not one but TWO bundles of joy. I know I’m incredibly lucky- what a journey I’m on!! That’s not to say I’m not terrified – I am. I can’t wait to meet them and I think we will be great at being mummies, but I am concerned about getting them out, getting them on the boob, recovering from major abdominal surgery. I’m apprehensive about coping with newborn baby needs around the clock x 2. Apart from meeting the twins (which is a little scary; what if there is something wrong?), I’m also really looking forward to shedding some of this 50lbs I’m lugging about that’s been making me feel so exhausted. A friend of mine who gave birth 10 days ago say she felt like a (sore) ballerina after she delivered! Let’s hope I can be so positive!

I can’t believe that the wriggling bulge I have been carrying is going to be opened up like peeling an orange, to reveal the most magical fruit for AW and me – and this Friday!!! THIS Friday…! Wow.

I think we are as ready as we’ll ever be! Wish us luck- the next post could be a while coming!!

Love to all 🙂

…. And of course, MERRY CHRISTMAS! (“Happy Holidays” to my US followers)


10 thoughts on “Last Post before Christmas?

    1. Thanks so much! I can’t believe it’s really almost here! The first half of pregnancy is so slow, the second just zooooooooomed by for me. Now onto the real, rest-of-our-lives adventure!

  1. Congrats on getting to 37 weeks!! And good luck this Friday – Will be thinking of you :). Hope all goes well with the delivery and the little ones are fine. You guys are gonna be great mums 🙂

  2. wow, it all seems so fast now! glad that everyone is doing well, and so excited for you to meet the twins. hope everything goes as smoothly as possible and you have a speedy recovery. merry christmas ladies!!

  3. Good luck to all 4 of you!! My wife and I will be thinking about you and are sending good wishes for a safe delivery and healthy babies! 🙂

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