More comedy late-pregnancy pictures.

Well well, here we are – in the last week of work before maternity leave starts. Where has the time gone?

In the news for week 35, I am very, VERY tired, bloated, hot and uncomfortable.

AW has been absolutely amazing – organising so much stuff; washing the baby stuff in preparation for their arrival, marshalling trips to buy the baby bouncers (actually, the affordable ones are baby rockers here, which is what we went for), feeding me lots and lots of healthy food. I think it’s possible I needed to eat more; it’s just that it’s not very comfortable to do so. AW is feeding me so much more than is comfortable, but the bump seems to have filled out a lot at the bottom (or dropped) since I have been on the maximum food intake plan. 35 weeks

I think it is really filling out at the bottom now.

I had a bad night of sleep on Friday and again on Sunday – Friday saw me sleep in a little later than usual and also exclusively on the far left (i’d say with my body leaning slightly over onto my belly). I got a few slaps for the difficult snuffling /snoring i’d been doing and so tried to stay facing away from AW. Here was my face in the morning as a result:

face fluidIsn’t that mad? I have NO symptoms that accompany pre-eclampsia aside from the swelling – blood pressure is good, no headaches or dizziness etc etc but I really freaked out when I woke up and saw this!  It went down quite fast (all the fluid ran back to my feet when I stood up!).

Here are our cute little new ‘bouncers’ (rockers), which just seem to be waiting for our bundles of joy to sit in: bouncy chairs

A few things I would really like to buy but which are prohibitively expensive here are a belly band (REALLY, do people actually pay 90GBP for a post-partum girdle??) and a pumping bra so that I can express milk hands free. They look ridiculous, but I can see how they could really come in handy (handless?) and I have been trying to locate one in a non-thai-boob size and so far have failed.

expensive pumping bra

Not one to throw my swollen pink hands up when faced with a challenge (there isn’t much chance of my getting my lumpen self to the malls where they are on sale this week, and maybe not before the birth) I started thinking about how I might make one. I mean, why not?

photo 4

Equipment needed:

  • 1 sports bra (one that offers some good support but isn’t your most expensive)
  • scissors
  • breast pump

I don’t think I need to detail the method – but it can definitely hold the pump on my nipple… tra la la! Just a handy hint.

Ok, I think I am going to sign off as I need to lie down (surprise!). I’m also going to reblog a great post on tandem breastfeeding twins  – I need to read it again and digest it.

Does anyone have any thoughts on the fact I’m still working (just a couple more days now..!)?

It’s so close!

love to all!


5 thoughts on “More comedy late-pregnancy pictures.

  1. Are you drinking crazy amounts of water? I hear that is supposed to help with the swelling. You seem sooooo uncomfortable 😦 :(. I hope the swelling goes down as soon as the babies are born! I got even more swollen at first from the IV fluids but once they took the IV out I starte going down… Two months after they were born I could wear my wedding rings kind of (it also helps it’s cold now).

    1. …. I am trying to eat and drink as much as I can fit in my body!!! I am over this now… Really soooo tired. My legs are really disfigured and covered in lumps – i have new creases round my ankles which don’t have time to go away.
      My work could not have made it easier for me (other than sending me home) – I’m in charge of a class at the mo but we are just watching an Xmas movie and my feet are up on cushions. After lunch I have an English class with just two students… Then time to go home.

  2. I have one of those bras! It was a lifesaver when I was pumping a lot. I joked about it all the time because I would cook dinner and even BBQ in it! Check out Simple Wishes (although your homemade one looks fantastic!).

    1. Ha, i think it sounds as though I’m going to really need it! Not sure if I also need to create a belt attachment for the pump motor though? I love the image of BBQing in this thing… Hehehe!!

  3. I have a pumping bra – I love it. LOVE IT. For me, it means that I don’t lose time at work because I can type and do other tasks while pumping. I tried to make my own (the easiest way, using hairbands to attach the flanges to my bra) but didn’t like it so much. I, too, have Simple Wishes.

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