Thanks for this Robin – I have read with interest and will re-read! 🙂 very useful!

I'm polycystic inside

Newbie @ Infertile in the City asked that I do a post about how to tandem feed solo, so here it is!

This is just how I do it, I am sure there are other methods for getting the job done.  Whatever works!


  • Giant breastfeeding pillow (or lots of smaller pillows that are easily positionable)
  • Three thick burp cloths
  • Two airplane neck pillows (or, when they get bigger, two boppies / similarly shaped pillow)
  • Wide flat surface to sit on, either the couch, the bed, or the floor – this doesn’t work in a chair unfortunately. (I use the couch)
  • (Optional) Pillow for extra back support.
  • Two chairs / rockers / swings handy (we use these)
  • Nearby changing station (we have a portable changing pad & supplies in a box on the ottoman of the couch)
  • Table within arms reach of your position while nursing that has a…

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  1. I tandem fed my duo until 6 months (when they started poking each other in the eye!). For the next 8 months, I did individual feeding. I started tandem feeding again at about 14 months and still do it at 18 months (although it is way easier now!). It is definitely an art! Everyone does it differently and you’ll figure out what works for you.

    1. I don’t know how long I’ll be able to exclusively breast feed – but I’ll be happy with my maternity being exclusive, and will try to express enough to keep it going after I go back to work. I can’t know until I try, right?

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