No Stress Test, shrinking babies and baby showers.

So since the last post a few things have happened. Firstly AW organised a baby party on Saturday night – it was pretty great. We had pizza and booze (not me) and brownies, and we received fantastic gifts (some super-cute and some super-practical). The baby shower is a very recent phenomenon in both the UK and Thailand, so we were not sure how to do it, but it worked!


We love the presents we received!







….and we got some other very practical things like nappies- thanks so much! We’re very lucky mummies to be 🙂

On Sunday I slept most of the day, then through the night as well – thought I had better get some rest in to aid the growth of Smalls. I also have made a big effort to up my water intake, as this increases placental efficiency. There was a lot of moving and shaking in there throughout Sunday so I was feeling happy. Well, as happy as can be expected with a worryingly small twin whose movements I can’t feel.

At work yesterday though, both babies seemed subdued and I was belly sore. All I could think of were the Dr’s words “If you notice any change, come in to see me immediately….” I just thought I should be safe rather than sorry. I went home and lay down for a few hours trying to feel some movement, but failed. Well- Biggo moved a bit, but certainly not to the degree I’ve become used to. Very little from Smalls. 😦

AW and I agreed to meet at the clinic and the Dr checked out both babies again. Biggo had hit 2kg (hurrah!) but Smalls showed little change at under 1570g. He showed me, as before, that Smalls IS moving, but that her position and smaller size mean I can’t always feel it. Because of her size, and my tendency to worry, he did send us straight over to the hospital (the one where I’ll be giving birth). He recommended a ‘No Stress Test’, which is the one that monitors the baby’s heart rate against some criteria, and the mother’s perceived movements. I was to press a button with each kick I felt.

The larger baby had no trouble showing her joy of kicking after they’d fired a klaxon in her ear. The smaller baby however was harder to track. The Dr explained that her heartbeat was fainter because she was small, and he kept on losing the signal. He was confident that the signal losses were due to her constant movement (most of which I could not feel, some of which I could under such circumstances). He also said that in the first ten minutes I had pressed the button nine times- hardly a lack of movement!

With my fears assuaged we filled out some paperwork for ‘when the time comes’… I needed to register at the hospital anyway and get myself a card.

A tangent: This ‘super busy’ hospital was eerily quiet. I didn’t see another patient on the maternity ward, and just one other person in the corridors! When I commented on this to the Dr, he told me it is because of this hilariously bad soap we’ve been watching which is shown on Mondays and Tuesdays about a pair of twins and their involvement with an idiot man, his wife and lots of other cerebrally challenged characters. Dr said that it’s been like it for weeks- when the show finishes the patients come. It was so funny as we were waiting for our taxi on leaving, a woman was also waiting, telling someone on the other end of the phone that she was in a hurry to get back for เเรงเงา (‘Reng ngaow’). At work in the dining hall the Thai staff were all discussing it… It really seems to have a vice-like grip! The acting is terrible, so is the music, but it’s addictive. The facial expressions allow you to fill in the gaps when your Thai lets you down! It’s the finale tonight. I bet the hospital is quieter than ever!!!


So all is well. It’s His Majesty’s birthday tomorrow so we have a day off (Yesssssssss!!!!). I feel calm knowing that school’s winding down for the end of term and that the remaining days will become less intense (and in some cases, teachers won’t want me in at all!). I came home today and immediately fell asleep. Anyway, I’m going to settle down on the sofa for the dramatic (that’s a guarantee!) finale of the show. Last night the wife fell down some marble stairs and became paralysed, and her evil sister’s involvement in her demise was revealed to their whole family through some kind of hospital tannoy.

Good night and love to all.


2 thoughts on “No Stress Test, shrinking babies and baby showers.

  1. Congrats on the twins (I know I’m late to the game). I just came across your blog through another blog. My partner and I live in Toronto and have 18-month old fraternal girls. It’s been a blast so far.

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