Bleurgh… Destination 37..!

Just come out from the Dr. He’s moved clinics finally (several floors down in the same building) and I didn’t like it. Mostly because all the nurses who’ve got to know us over the year (almost two years at this point?) have stayed uostairs and we don’t know anyone. Thankfully it has come right near the end.
Here is my belly as things stand:

Bigger, isn’t it?! Which was why I was so disappointed today to see that they have seemingly not really grown since the last appointment. Smalls has gained less than 100g and Biggo only 250g. so why have I grown massively around the belly, and gained a further three kilos? Why are my legs like some awful, discoloured haggis preparation?
The two of them are still moving a lot and I had been emotionally coping with the discomfort and tiredness of working thinking about how much they must now be growing. Obviously then, today’s news was not really welcome.
As things stand, we are having another appointment in two weeks, or sooner if I notice any changes in how much they are moving. Dr is unconcerned, as the blood supply through the umbilical cords is still strong. But he did remark that it’s possible my placental function may not be very good. I need to rest as much as possible. He didn’t say to give up work, but ideally I’m sure that’s what he would like me to do. I know work will be sympathetic, and next week I may well ask for some time off (we already have one day though, so I don’t want to be greedy!).
We have some friends coming over this evening for a sort of baby shower, but after that appointment I’m not sure either of us feel like celebrating. Particularly as Dr also told us that no birthing partners are allowed. No husbands or wives… Patients only. And there was protein in my urine. 😦 however as my blood pressure remains cool-as-a-cucumber low, neither the protein nor the leg swelling are concerning. They have sent my wee off to see if i have If I have an asymptomatic bladder infection. So i just feel uneasy. If I feel no changes in the babies’ behaviour, then we will have our final prenatal check up on Dec 15th, as I understand things. Then we will book into the hospital the following Friday. He said it was great that i’ve had no Braxton Hicks and that if we could ‘keep them in’ one more week everything should be absolutely fine. And week 37, as long as there is no foetal distress, is perfect. So I have to be super vigilant, and it sounds as though 37 weeks is the very very end of the road.


20 thoughts on “Bleurgh… Destination 37..!

  1. I feel your pain. The discomfort of carrying twins is massive. However, don’t be disheartened by the measurements from the sonogram. When I had a scan at 36 weeks they told me the estimated foetal weights were 6lb5oz and 6lb11oz and I was worried all the tiny baby clothes we had bought weren’t going to fit when I wasn’t induced until two weeks later. However, when they were then born at 38weeks+3, they actually weighed 5lb2oz and 5lb5oz, so the estimated foetal weight has quite a large margin for error.

    I am sure you are doing a great job cooking those babies. Just try and rest as much as you can because believe me you won’t get it after they’re born! πŸ˜‰ x

    1. Thanks for the sympathy- it is a tremendous strain at this point. I can’t remember whether you had a natural delivery or not? I hope the error for us is in the opposite direction- that they are bigger than the scans suggest.
      I have basically only slept today and tomo will be the same- lazy tv watching!! Thanks or following, and hopefully before too long I will have some good news – two healthy daughters- to report!!

  2. You look amazing and you have done the most wonderful thing for us. I’m sure they gonna be healthy. I’m here with you and there is nothing you need to be worried my lovely wife. I love you and our little angels already. Xxx Thai mummy

  3. I also noticed large discrepancies in the boys weights on sonar depending on how the boys were lying. Don’t stress too much because they, and you, are doing fine and exactly what you all should be doing. There is nothing better than taking full term healthy babies home after a few days in hospital. My boys were born at 37w5d weighing 5.51lb and 5.95lb. We all went home after 3 days.

    Hang in there. This last bit is the hardest physically but soon you’ll meet your beautiful babies. You’re doing great!

    1. Duh just noticed you use kilos, my boys were 2.5kg and 2.7kg at birth. I also remember the weight gain slowing down a lot in the last month.

      A lot of your weight now will be water retention. It is your body’s very clever way of having extra fluid available to compensate for fluid and blood loss during the birth. I lost 17kg from birth and a week after.

  4. WOW! So close! I know that it will be all worth it once they are in your arms, but I’m sure it must be upsetting with all of your discomforts and I’m sure you are just ready to be done already. LOL Your bump is getting huge! My wife is having the same growth spurt around the middle as well and she is only 30 weeks. You are almost there – hang in there you can do it! πŸ™‚

    1. It is suddently very close – the time seems to go by quicker at this end of the pregnancy than at the beginning when the weeks seem to craaaaaaaaaaaaaaawl… I don’t want to have them yet as they are still less than 2KG each according to the scan (I think about 3lbs), but by the same token, I don’t really trust myself to diagnose a problem while they are inside. At least if they were out, the Drs could see / treat them. I guess they are in the best place they could be.

  5. can’t believe you’re almost there, and i also cant believe no birth partners are allowed. glad you’re hanging in there and the babies are still doing so well. do they want to induce you at 37 weeks or schedule a c section?

    1. I think, as with most things in Thailand, that if we pay a little extra, it could be allowed. I’m not sure. It would be a c-section.
      It’s because we have gone for the no-frills, no-nonsense hospital. It’s an unbelievable price difference and I knew it would involve making some sacrifices. The way it works is that our Dr, who works out of several hospitals, will book us in when he feels the time is right (I presume this is still Dec 21st). He hasn’t done so yet aa any hospital, and I think we’d still be in a position to change our preference. At the government hospital, you pay about 7000 baht (US$165 /140GBP) for the C-section, 10000 (US$250/ 200GBP) for the Dr preference, and 7000 (US$165/ 140GBP) for the room. I’ll pay a little extra for assistance with breast feeding etc etc, but it’s very reasonable – about 100- 200 baht a day. This totals 24000. Even with extras, we don’t anticipate the costs rising beyond 35000baht.
      It seems that the other hospitals, though they offer a package whereby you don’t have to pay extras in this way, all charge in the region of 100000 baht. The confusion arises becuase they don’t have a package for twins, and imply that you just double the normal c-section package (but can’t confirm this!!!). The times we have asked about costs, there has been a lot of avoidance! I’m just not happy going on for a major medical procedure not covered by my insurance without a price indication first!
      The one hospital with a twin package is BNH at 91000. This hospital has become notorious for scamming and giving people unnecessary tests / treatments / medication. For so many different complaints and treatments amongst so many of my friends and colleagues, BNH has presented patients with astronomical surprise bills, diagnosed and treated broken limbs which turned out never to have been broken etc etc… so this is one place I’d definitely not opt for, despite the hotel-suite-like rooms.
      What we lose by opting for the government hospital and paying less than half the price are an English speaking staff and a lot more choices in most cases (at the most popular ‘foreigner’ hospital you can opt for a water birth).. But we don’t have that sort of money to spare, especially after the costs of IVF, and the fact that I’ll be on half pay from January for three months (maternity…). We’ll see. We have some savings. If our Dr can tell us a cost which is less than 70000baht which allows AW to be present at the c-section, we might still take it.

      1. What happens if the girls come early and have to be in NICU?

        We didn’t have our c-sec booked until the monday (4 days before) I think my gynae was scared to book anything because he thought I would deliver early.

        I really was just a waiting game in the end.

      2. We have my drs card with me and if I go into labour I just go straight to hospital and they call him. He drops everything unless he happens to be in the middle of another emergency and comes to perform the delivery…

      1. Yes it does have very good facilities- it’s also the main teaching hospital. Again putting the NiCU costs there into perspective; it is about $270 per day par baby in the fancy hospitals, and $10 per day per baby in the government one.

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