Assorted pictures

We both really like this pic – was just a snap with a phone, taken a few days ago.

Friday’s Foot:


From this afternoon…. Getting bigger!

We didn’t intend to buy these, but can you imagine them at their first birthday party (remember we’re in the tropics)??


9 thoughts on “Assorted pictures

  1. Lovely belly pic! And hello from Finland 🙂 “We” are also expecting, but we are still very early, 6th week just started today! But we will keep on followin your journey!

    And we are waiting for our first ultrasound to see that everything is ok in Mommy A’s belly and we soooo wanna hear that little heartbeat (or beats… just one healthy baby is our dream, but we know about the chance of having twins after Clomid treatment…)!

  2. I also had leets (where you can’t tell where your legs end or feet begin) it took about 3 weeks after the boys were born for my feet to go back to normal.

    Love those outfits. Too cute!

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