I am not going to lie. Ladies, I know pregnancy affects us all differently, but I have to say, at this stage, I am not enjoying myself.

I was really frightened by my legs yesterday evening. On Monday I went to see a heart Dr at the local hospital as I have one leg which hurts more than the other. I was concerned that I might be developing a DVT. Turns out that the support socks my friend brought me from the UK could have been exacerbating the problem higher up my legs, because they just squoodge the fluid up to my thighs, and cause them to hurt instead of my feet. He said ‘suck it UP!’ and that it was a symptom of being pregnant and particularly of carrying twins. I’m still not convinced there is nothing ‘wrong’ with my left leg, but images of DVT I have found do seem to offer a much more dramatic contrast between legs than I have. Both mine look the same, more or less.Put my feet up. Walking around is fine, but standing is bad. Same old story.

However, to put your feet up really requires your lying in a horizontal position. If you are PG you will know that sleeping and lying on your back can be uncomfortable and also a bit unsafe, because the belly puts pressure on your back and the vena cava vein. How then are you supposed to de-puff your legs at the end of the day? You try keeping your legs above your heart AND lying on your left side. It’s not easy or comfy, and this week has forced me to choose between waking up exhausted but with my own ankles, or sleeping properly but waking with the depressing stay-pufft feet. It has been a bad week and the puffing has been sort of accumulating with each day of work. When I get home I just lie down and try to enjoy (the hilarious sit com) Modern Family till AW gets back. By the end of Friday I was truly alarmed by the state of my legs.

They were so swollen that I could not really BEND them. So last night I found myself trying to maneuver my body around with:

  • no usable belly muscles
  • sore fingers
  • pulled neck muscle, and now
  • no knees /leg use

I really felt pathetic. I lost it a bit. On bending the legs, it was as though they might explode – there was no give left in my tissue – as though the pressure was so high in the skin it could split. My knees each had a new fat crease. The appearance was worrying but much more so was the way I felt seriously incapacitated.

This morning they do look normal again, but all I have wanted to do is lie on the sofa to ensure it doesn’t happen again (thank God for Modern Family!) . After de-puffing, the areas are very tender – as though bruised.

I had not really anticipated the strain the body is under at this stage, and I have this ridiculously neat bump. I can’t IMAGINE if I had one of those bellies that twin pregnancies seem to usually cause! Bearing children is hard! I know their arrival will prelude a whole host of other challenges, but I hope I’ll be fit and capable of running around after them at least.

Next week we will see our Pregnancy Dr again, so I will show him some photographs this time (I couldn’t show him the extent of the problem last visit as I’d kept my feet up all morning).

Come on little girls, can’t you imbibe some of this fluid or something?

To keep up remembering that this is magical and amazing, here is a link to the video of Baby-formerly-known-as-smalls’ face (I could not edit the vid, so you need to skip to about 1 minute in and she is horizontal, top of her head to the left).





4 thoughts on “Swell!

  1. Whoa that sounds super uncomfortable! I hope you work out some solution soon as lying with them elevated whilst you lie on your left sounds very much like a Pilates pose lol.

  2. That sounds awful :(. The end of my pregnancy was super uncomfortable, though I didn’t hav that level of swelling I still didn’t sleep much at all. Since the babies arrived my sleep improved in quality while decreasing in quantity, so there was the trade off!

    1. I hope I will get some quality sleep, another thing that’s happening is some kind of new snorting /snoring thing… I’m waking AW and myself up. Could that be pregnancy related, or do I just have some kind of cold..?

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