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We did have a really good session at the Drs yesterday – he seemed very happy about the babies – and curiously their weights have evened out. Now they are both 1480something grams – which is 3kg of baby in my tummy. I get a bit confused with the differing measurements as in Thailand they use KGs- in the UK and the US it’s still the old system for weight – stones and lbs (UK) and lbs (US). However, I think that once they hit 2KGs each, that is a low but safe birthweight. I think it’s 2.2lb to the kilo. That would mean that they are currently 3.3lbs each. I try to remember that my friend’s son was a monster at birth -he weighted 4.something KG / over 10lbs!!! So I think if they are half that each, we’ll be fine (I know I was only 6lbs when I was born!). We shall see.
The babies are super active and kicking and moving all the time now. The surface of my stomach ripples and moves as they do. in the scan yesterday we saw the Baby-formerly-known-as-Smalls blink. Pretty amazing.

Latest bump shot (sorry it’s in the loo!!)

We asked him about what will happen regarding the birth and he did clarify that there was no reason to wait till 40 weeks. And that a C-section is very likely to happen even if we go in and try for a natural birth, so we might as well take up the advantages which go with a scheduled C-section – i.e. being able to plan when it’ll be. That appeals to me really – as much as I would like to have a natural delivery, I really would NOT like to experience labour, squeeze one twin out and then have complications and an emergency C-section for twin 2.

I don’t really like medical intervention, and am the sort of girl who won’t take a Tylenol for a headache or when ill – because I like to know my body… so it’s been with real reluctance that I’ve accepted that the process of pregnancy (and now delivery) has been so unnatural in so may ways. But it is amazing and I will tell our daughters that we worked really hard with our Dr and donor to get them. regarding recovery, I don’t know what to expect. Due to the stage of pregnancy, I am now feeling my activities to be quite constrained.  I am very scared about having such a major op, and I also always felt that my midrif was my best bodypart, but millions of people deal with it, and I trust my Dr. So it will be fine, right?I like to be fit and strong (who doesn’t) and I don’t feel it at all. This swelling leg pain etc has really been difficult to adjust to. It’s clearly not going to get better. I suppose that with a natural birth (or my idea of one) I feel as though your body recovers faster – so I’d be attached to babies 24/7, but my body wouldn’t be in pain any more – i’d be on the road to fitness again. Whereas after a C-section… is that the case? You are attached to babies 24/7 and kind of immobile! That’s going to be tough. I just can’t envisage the recovery in my mind. One day I will be able to do the plank again, I hope. My core has always been so strong. I’m frightened about losing that and just being a stocky, lumpy woman. I know I won’t have time to worry once they arrive, and perhaps that’s just it. We make the best of everything, and the babies will just be the most amazing things we have ever seen.

Serious Q: how long does it take after a C-section to be able to do serious gym sessions?

Anyway, I think I have already reported that things seem to have really sped up in there, and obviously my ENORMOUS weight gains since the last appointment… I am 91KG / 196lbs / 14.5stone. WOW. I think I am now starting to get some bloating / fat around my body which I’d say had previously not been noticeably. I think my face is puffy and my throat too. You already know about my legs and ankles. I don’t know how much is fluid and how much is fat – but Dr said nothing at the appointment and also seemed very unconcerned about my legs. I couldn’t really show him the swelling as that morning I had been sat at the clinic with my feet up so they looked pretty normal. However I am still mildly concerned about the upper legs – my inner thighs are very tender, particularly my left, where there seems to be a sort of bulge. I think I may see a different kind of Dr about it tomorrow.

We went to the pharmacy to look at compression tights, and there wasn’t really anything like what we wanted – I want full length, but not in horrible tubi-grip. I was hoping for something like the flight socks but full stocking length. They have that in tubi-grip and they have thigh-to-knee in higher quality mesh, but can you imagine what that would do to my knees!?! foot to under-knee; over-knee-thigh… and all unprescribed and confusing.

A major question we forgot to ask about the scheduled C-section is whether AW will be allowed to witness the birth – usually in the UK it’s permitted as long as it’s scheduled (elected, I think they say in the UK). I can’t believe we forgot that question. I need to devote some time to a birth plan before the next Dr’s visit on Dec 1st, which includes that desire very clearly. If we were having the babies at one of the fancy-schmancy hospitals, my feeling is that we could probably demand it – but at the government hospital I’m not so sure.

Mum and dad have our baby slings and our breast pump in the UK. They are supposed to bring them on the plane, but the airline doesn’t offer an unaccompanied baggage option. We can’t believe that – especially as they DO offer such a service for: flying internally in Thailand; flying out of Thailand; flying from Aus and the US to Thailand. It’s JUST the Uk-Thailand route where the service is not provided. Grrrr! But I am wondering if instead of paying by the kilo on the plane, if they might just be better off sending them stuff by post.? That’s because Mum and Dad are coming in Jan and it looks like a scheduled C-section would be on Dec 21st.

Dad’s got a really bad hip – Dr says it’s arthritis. It could be reactive (here’s hoping!) whereby it’ll respond to medication, or progressive. The latter means he won’t be better by Jan and probably cant handle the long haul flight. I’ll be heartbroken if that’s the case.

Aiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii! it’s all so close!


6 thoughts on “Post Doc

  1. I had diastasis even while pregnant (ab separation) so the c-section didn’t help. I’ve had 4 sessions with a physical therapist and I’ve gone down from a 2-3 finger separation to a 1-2 finger, which is a good improvement. She has said I can go back to yoga now but has told me which positions to avoid until the separation is gone. You can tell if you already have diastasis by lying on your back and doing a crunch – if you see your belly kind of tenting

      1. I think I may have seen this but always assumed it would be terribly painful. My belly is relatively small still. I hope I don’t har that 😦

  2. Well I have not much of an idea about the C Section except that my SIL had one and you will definitely need someone home with you to help pick up the babies etc for the first few weeks. She did okay with hers but tried to do too much in the first week and so it wasn’t healing properly so the midwife put her basically on bed/sofa rest for a week.
    Apart from that small bit of info all I have to say is that your belly looks amazing!!

  3. Thanks Pepibebe! While I am still trying to appreciate the miracle that’s going on inside me, I certainly don’t feel amazing. I feel like a leaden, bruised elephant! So it’s great to hear a compliment 🙂
    I know a C-section would be fine, but, you know – it’s a major op – scary!

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