So I just had my weigh in in the 32nd week. Since last visit I have stacked on 5 more kilos.
Total weight gain is about 18kilos or 40lbs. Is that normal?
I have a lot of leg swelling, and I feel heavy etc etc, BUT, my bump is little and I don’t look the way I imagine a 91kg /14.5 stone woman to look.
I will go in to see Dr soon and am hoping I won’t be told off.


3 thoughts on “Whaaaaa….?!??

  1. Don’t feel bad! I went for my 20 week appointment and was up TWENTY lbs. Yikes. Just know that most of it comes off with little effort, just usually those last 10 pesky pounds that need work to get off after baby arrives! Congratulations by the way!

    1. Oh thank you – After this bombshell in the waiting room, we went for our scan and saw that the babies have grown LOADS since last time – and now they are the same size, which is great as previously we’d had one large and one small. Anyway – it’s 3 kilos of baby…! I’m just going to stop by your blog now 🙂

  2. At 34 weeks I had gained around 46lb. I lost 18lb in the hospital after the babies were born (11lb of it was baby, the other 7 I assume was fluids, placentas, etc) and the rest of it is taking its time coming off partially due to the amount of stress eating I’m doing! But anyway, 40lb at 32 weeks sounds like about where I was in weight gain.

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