Musings from week 32

As I lie here, slightly on my left side with my feet raised, I suppose I ought to reflect. I know how lucky we are to be pregnant and to have reached week 32. If we are talking about a planned C-section, it could be as little as 5 weeks till we meet our two little loves. Our good fortune has been brought into sharp focus by the ectopic pregnancy of a fellow blogger. My heart hurts for her and for all the others who want so much to be mummies and whose dreams have yet to be realised. My body’s minor betrayals (mostly my poor legs and feet) are simply normal consequences of all the extra work my body is doing. They are part of this unbelievable thing that’s happening to us. When it isn’t happening for you, it all seems without logic, reason or fairness, and hurts so much. I don’t wish to complain about any of this journey I’m on- i know it will be worth it in the end.

In recent weeks, my body has been changing in some obvious ways. There is a cycle of changes, where you get something new happening, which surprises you or hurts, and then you acclimatise. Then after a few weeks there is another new development. Only now in trimester 3, these changes are coming more quickly. Please check out the ‘In pictures!’ tab above for a chronological belly-growth saga.

Aside from the feet and ankles, I can feel sore bits in my thighs are now also swelling up during the day. They rub together… About half way towards my knees. We had a uk visitor at the weekend, and she brought me some flight socks and now the feet are way better. But the socks are only knee high. Is it possible to push the problem up the legs? I’ll be asking doc on Saturday when I have my gross glucose test. Along with my unanswered questions about dates for c-sections.

My body is changing so fast- the belly button is obviously flattening on a daily basis… I’m getting those thread veins all over, and the base of my belly is sore… The babies are very high- like a shelf under my boobs- and I can’t breathe so well. Putting the flight socks on in the mornings is something I can barely do alone, and soon it won’t be possible. I can’t get my legs up very high with this belly in the way. I can’t bend much at all. I have heartburn too. All normal, I think. I’m sleeping better though- just getting up once in the night for a wee. On the plus side, I have not developed stretch marks thus far and so I’m not suffering from itchy skin as well as all the other things.

Things to ask dr:
1) do I need to worry about my legs?
2) will a planned c-section be at 37weeks or 40?
3) how will I recognise labour, and what do I do if I think it’s happening?!?

We have decided not to do antenatal classes. I suppose without comparison I’ll not know whether that was a good or bad move. At work there are 6 other pregnancies, so I think we will be able to support each other. I’m also in the Bangkok Twins Group.

In other news, we had such a lovely time last weekend with one of my best friends (the aforementioned bringer-of-foot-relief) and her new husband. They came to see us on their way to their honeymoon destination (koh Phi Phi). I wanted to be a better hostess but I’m very tired and very swollen and was working some of the time. But it was so great to see her, especially as we couldn’t attend her wedding. We did do a bit of sightseeing, thanks to those socks and some enormous Fitflops which we bought, had some really great dinners and talks. AW was an absolute star, and I think more than compensated for my lacklustre hosting. They are hugely excited about the twins too.

I can’t think of anything else to add except that my thoughts are with those in the early stages of pregnancy and with those who have lost their precious babies; with those who’re still holding onto the hope it will happen for them. It will. I don’t mean to be insensitive talking about what’s difficult about pregnancy and I’m sorry if I seem so.

Much love 🙂


4 thoughts on “Musings from week 32

  1. I think the way those socks work is they push the fluid further up, hoping to help it continue to circulate instead of pooling at your feet. It sounds like what has happened is the fluid is just pooling above the socks! Maybe you can ask your dr for a recommendation?

  2. I nominated your blog for a Liebster Award! Check my blog for further directions 🙂

    I think visiting friends is the highlight of any day- even when we’re tired. It makes life a little easier when you can share it with friends.

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