Week 32. Dear guests,

Dear guests,

We are delighted that you are enjoying your stay in Utero. We hope you can continue to enjoy the organic and hi-nutrition food supplied at our establishment and trust that you are comfortable in our bespoke upholstered boutique haven. Utero have created the optimum conditions for a relaxing and tranquil stay tailored especially to your needs. We have already made many alterations and provisions for your individual requests and continue to supply a first class service. We are aware of the fact that you have requested a room upgrade and we are currently working on an extension to accommodate your requirements. Please be patient while we are working on it.

As guests in Utero, we ask you to adhere to a few rules. The check out procedure is very simple and we anticipate that you will not encounter any problems. When you are ready to leave, please contact Utero via the reception lounge and do not attempt to leave early. You may leave via our glory tunnel or the through the upper deck, and this decision can be made by you on check out.

In the meantime, may we request that you refrain from:
Using excessive energy during your stay;
Overloading the plumbing;
Sending all your excess fluid to us;

We wish you a pleasant stay and will be delighted to continue having you with us.

Yours sincerely,

Feet and Ankles


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