Best foot forward…?

Here we are en route to the beautiful island where we met just over three years ago:

Over the last week or so though my stay puft ankles have become a daily occurrence. I’m really not sure how to combat them. Today my left is worse than my right. They are really disfigured (and my ankles and feet never were my finer points). I am quite a statuesque woman but have kept myself in good shape and these feet (and my big belly) don’t belong to me.

I’m not in any pain and I’ve googled pre-eclampsia – swollen feet are the only symptoms on the list that I have. But I am a bit concerned. I can’t keep them elevated when I’m lying down because I can’t lie flat on my back (hurts). I’ve been giving them ice baths, but although that feels wonderful, I’m not sure it helps much.
I’ve noticed too that I’m getting broken veins all over them. I don’t know if they will be permanent.

Any hints about this? Are they dangerous or just an annoying side effect I can ignore?

Anyway – we are putting my best foot forward on this little beach break and hoping that the super-puft one deflates. At least I won’t sink in the sea with all this extra buoyancy!


6 thoughts on “Best foot forward…?

  1. I feel your pain! My ankles were swelling really bad when I was at work so I started wearing compression hose/stockings. They only come up to my knees (I will admit they are a challenge to get on by yourself) but they have solved my swelling problem. You should try it for sure. I only wear them when I know I’ll be on my feet for a while but it does the trick.

      1. I forgot about you wearing flip flops but I know they make some with a hole where your toes are so maybe you could find some like that. Swelling is painful and so uncomfortable its worth a shot.
        We have 2 full weeks left! I am so ready! Haven’t really felt up to blogging lately but I will post at least one more update before our big day!
        Take care!!!

      2. Hey! I’m wearing tubigrips! I think they need to be tighter but they do seem to help. I’m feeling that sleeping /moving around/ working is a bit of a struggle at the mo- hence decreased posting… Can’t wait to hear about li’l Noah once he’s out!

    1. How is it all going? I’m pretty shattered. Wearing some attractive support bandages which do help, but the tiredness… Whooooooeeeeeeeeee… It’s hard… X

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