Positive news and vibes -week 28!

So the ghostly ‘linea negra’ no oscurece mas. It isn’t any darker. I am going all out this entry to give you a real couple of belly shots:



I have been feeling quietly but increasingly concerned by the lack of kicks from baby Small. We just had an ultrasound on tues and dr reiterated that both twins are a little small, and Smalls is particularly so- about 20% smaller than Biggo. However our Dr was unconcerned as placental blood flow was strong and both babies are still gaining weight steadily. The other thing he told me again was that I needed to count the kicks- and if anything were to change, or if either baby kicked less than 20 times in a day, then I should come in to see him before next appointment (on Nov 17th).

Smalls has always been less detectable in terms of movement, so I was a little concerned. Yesterday I felt nothing at all on the left side. Some movements in the middle and TONS of kicks in bursts throughout the day from Biggo on the right, but I needed some reassurance.

So, from today’s scan, we know some more things. Placental bloodflow still strong. While we were looking at that, she gave a big wiggle – WHICH I DID NOT FEEL. What a relief!

Turns out that Smalls is turned in. The movements I feel in the middle of my belly are probably her, but most of her kicks are falling right onto Biggo, which obviously causes no sensation in me. So it’s kind of panic over. It was a positive appointment – Dr said I was right to come, and that I should do so any time I feel concerned, but currently there are no problems.

The scan photos today were so cool- and provided some conclusive evidence of their genders:


Two girls!!!

Just this week I’ve been noticing what feels like a marked increase in physical tiredness- I have the half term break from work this week though so perhaps it will transpire to be simple end-of-term-itis. Symptoms include:

  • Feeling totally knackered
  • Heaviness in my belly
  • Legs of lead
  • ‘Stay Puft’/ water-retaining /elephant feet that no longer fit into any of my shoes except for flip flops.
  • Skin problems- not spots but sudden allergy to my jewellery.

In other news:

UK immigration
We plan to skip out of UK immigration and move to Europe. If we do this hopefully I’ll have secured a job in Germany or France in an international school (really any country would do!), but if not, then we will probably go via the Republic of Ireland with our savings and take any work we can find (unfortunately I can’t teach in Irish schools, but it would remove AW’s barriers to work (language) in other EU countries. We’d stick at that for 6 months or so and move over to the UK. The evil conservative government is very anti EU so I am unsure how long that route will be available to us, and more pressingly, I’m not sure how we’ll feel once the reality of becoming parents hits us. So I’m just brushing up my CV and cover letter while I have a minute!

AW’s amazingness



I attended a raw food cooking class at AW’s workplace today. The food is the concept of Diana von Cranach and she visits the hotel for a special week roughly every 6 months. AW and her team have been working so hard the whole week, learning many new menus and cooking the regular a la carte alongside the raw food gala dinners. It’s so delicious and your body feels really good after eating it. I was so proud to see AW taking such a prominent role in the instruction as well- it’s only right that her contribution be recognised. Also I met two other really nice pregnant women attendees, one of whom is also a reader of this blog, and a ‘Bangkok lesbian’..! Fun times. We were at varying stages of pregnancy and its associated fatigue… Another really nice afternoon. I also went to a really cool contemporary dance performance last night- life is so much better when you fill it with stuff!! I was delighted to find last night that I can follow spoken French- I got stuck in the Q&A by the French dancers after the show, but it was really interesting- a doddle compared to Thai.


Finally, AW and I met in 2009 on Oct 20th- and I have genuinely never, ever been happier and more at peace. Thank you, my darling wife and partner for all the things you do to make my life better, and to make me better. Happy three years – wishing for many, many more!

Wishing all the luck in the world to the amazing ladies ttc. I hope your dreams are fulfilled soon.


6 thoughts on “Positive news and vibes -week 28!

  1. Two Girls!!! I thought you were having one of each?!?! How exciting!!! I’m so glad that everything is okay & you are doing well! Happy Anniversary too!

    1. Dr told us at wk 17 that it was a girl and a boy, and that the girl may still turn out to be a poorly endowed boy. 4 weeks
      Later he spent a long time scrutinising both their bottoms and we all had a bit of a giggle that both babies were in fact girls! That was reconfirmed this week. So we have known for a while that the initial diagnosis wasn’t right. 🙂

  2. Yay two girls!

    Sometimes I wouldn’t feel one of the babies for a few hours and I would freak out and jiggle and poke my belly until they moved. Usually it was because they were facing my back and not as prominent anymore. Other times it was because I was moving around a lot and the movement put them to sleep. It can be scary but try not to freak out TOO much! Maybe try to find something that always makes them kick (Banana used to kick when I ate chocolate, Apple used to kick when I sat up right) so you can try those things when you get particularly nervous 🙂

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