Linea negra?

Close-up shot of my belly warning…..


Well, I’ve rounded up a lot over the last weeks- we are at almost 27 now, so that’s just 10 left till twin full term! Is that a linea negra appearing? We can’t be sure, but it sort of looks that way. I suppose I’ll know if it becomes more prominent? My belly button has become almost flat now. It seemed to happen overnight.

There is a lot of kicking going on in there but I’m afraid I’m not clever enough to be able to count kicks from each baby… Dr actually asked us to try! How can you tell whose leg is whose?!

Still no cravings. Other than pie. I never was a pie fan, but the other week I made AW take me to the British pie shop in Bangkok. It was such a nice change to eat something a bit out of the ordinary. We got the gloriously stodgy cheese and onion pasty and a steak and onion pie. LUSH. So unlike our usual fare. We have a lot of choice of restaurants on our soi (road), but it’s largely a choice of Japanese, Thai and Korean. There is also a new Italian (their pizzas are pretty good (not gross deep pan US pizza (no offence meant US-readers but I like Italian thin pizza without too much topping)), but I’m not sure what cheese they use- it melts a kind of transparent orange, so I know it isn’t proper mozzarella. Thai food, though delish, has become rather unappealing since I became pregnant. Except for green curry. Mmmmm. Last night we went for Indian food. AW wants me to eat eggs and is serving them with breakfast (yes she is still bringing me a huge breakfast in bed every day..! So wonderful..!). Hard boiled eggs are proving impossible to eat- the yolk makes me nauseous. So there is an anti-craving, much to AW’s irritation.

Last week I was struck down ill with…. A COMMON COLD..! I felt terrible and had the worst cough I remember having in my whole life. The sort that makes you gag and feel as though your eyeballs might pop out. I also had a temperature- as swine flu is going around my school I was whisked off to check I didn’t have that. The dr wrote me a sick note with ‘common cold’ written on it. There was no way I was ever going to hand in a sick note with that as the reason for needing time off. It has been suggested that a mere cold had me so knocked out because the babies take all the goodness from everything I eat. Anyway, work were really supportive and I had four days in bed. By the end I was desperate to get back to work. The scary cough got better quite quickly but it’s still hanging about, a ghost of its former self.

The visa problem isn’t going away quickly, but there are people fighting the rule changes. I’m relaxing about the whole thing a bit, accepting that I can’t be in control of this aspect of our future at the moment. We could move to the UK (almost) without a visa if we lived in a European country for a while first, because there is a way then to move freely according to EU law. It’s all very perverse- it’s the same EU law that permits (for instance) a French citizen to move to the UK with their non-EU spouse / family (even non-EU cousins!). The UK citizen now has practically no rights to bring their spouse /children to the UK. However, things are being quietly collated and discussed and debated – we just need to have patience. At least AW and I are here and together. Many families in the UK have already been torn up by the new rules, because the new requirements mean spouses from outside the EU suddenly have to leave if the family’s income isn’t a set amount. It is really terrible.
Here is the link to the petition you can sign against this if you are British or resident in the UK (and if you sign it, please share it as well!).

It’s funny at my work- a good friend of mine’s wife had their baby last Sunday; I’m due in Jan, and four other members of staff have announced their pregnancies in the last month. Their due dates range from the end of Feb to May. That’s just in the junior school. Another friend in senior school is due in April… There really has been something in the water this year..! It’s good that there will be other babies of similar ages for the twins to befriend (although I have read that twins never get invited anywhere because they cause havoc..!)


The doc was a bit concerned about the size of the smaller twin, so we will see him every two weeks just to keep a close eye. Nothing to worry about really, but merits a little attention. One was 600g and the other 700g.

Wishing everyone the best of luck with ttc this week. I’m still reading up though commenting less as I get tireder and tireder… ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚


4 thoughts on “Linea negra?

  1. I got a cold when I was pregnant and it totally knocked me off my feet, way worse than any cold I’d had before. It convinced me of the whole immuno-compromised thing! It’s really amazing that at 27 weeks your belly button is just starting to get flat … you must be so much taller than me!

    1. Everyone keeps remarking that it’s a small bump for twins at this stage… I am quite a tall girl I suppose… I hope everything is going better for you ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. You look great! Glad you were able to kick that cold quickly! Hang in there.
    I know all about being tired. We have less than 4 weeks to go and I’m beyond tired and uncomfortable. Keep reminding myself that it will all be worth it very soon. :Have ya’ll come up with names for the twins yet?

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