21 Weeks. What a week.

We had our latest monthly scan last night and it was so cool!


Most of my head isn’t in Baby Stuff right now. It’s all about the changes to UK immigration law which were brought in on applications to be made after July 9th this year. I have just found out what it means for us – just this week – and let me tell you – it has sh*t all over our plans. It is NOT FAIR. What with all the Olympics they barely got a flutter in the UK press, but they are absolutely hideous for AW and me. When we conceived our stateless family (kids will not have Thai citizenship despite their ethnicity as AW’s relationship with me is not recognised) we knew we wanted to bring it up in the UK. There is no immediate pressing need to go to the UK, other than we both want to. However, with these new laws, we have discovered that we kind of…. can’t. We aren’t the only ones. There are so many heartbreaking stories.

look here at the familyimmigrationalliance blog for some testimonials.

In what is, I guess, my ‘nesting’ period, I started to make enquiries about the things we will need to collect for evidence of our relationship and financial stability for the move home. The whole issue for us was that in the bosom my my wonderful family, I could take some time to be a mummy, while my fantastically talented and ambitious wife went to work. I have to work here, the maternity leave is 3 months on half pay, then it’s back to full steam ahead – but at least childcare here is affordable. All sorts of things were admissible as evidence that we would not need recourse to public funds – the cost of living being pretty much zero at my parents’ place; their promise to support us if we did find ourselves without employment and the fact that we are both useful professionals and have never been out of employment. Each individual case was given consideration in the fullness of the couple’s circumstances, living costs and third party / family support. Now, none of those things are admissible.

If I have a job offer, then we could go – I mean, teachers earn more than the required 18600. If AW has a job offer, that is no longer admissible.

The problem with the job thing is that in the UK, teaching jobs come up for the next year after the half term break in May. I will have to inform my work here that my I am leaving in January and submit the application in March for there to be hope of us leaving together in July. I mean, obviously I can go while we are still waiting for the decision, and take the babies. Or I can go back by myself find a job, do it for 6 months and then apply for a visa… which takes three months.

That’s at least 9 months apart. Our babies would be 9 months apart from their mummy. At least. If we are refused, and appeal (which, also in 2014 will no longer be free), these take about 6 months.

You see the problem (s). I am currently tying to think my way around them. There will be ways. I hope. My parents are in Africa on holiday so we have only managed to text about these two huge discoveries… I can’t wait for them to be home. I love them so much!!!

If you are a UK resident or citizen and think this SUCKS, please sign this petition and PASS IT ON. If enough signatures are gained, it COULD be discussed in parliament.


So we worked all this out on the same day that it was revealed that our bouncing babies are BOTH HEAD DOWN (yay! at least a possibility of a natural birth at this stage), and also BOTH GIRLS! The Dr was very surprised as he had shown us what appeared to be a very clear willy. I knew he was searching for it this time when he stopped talking for a while with the sonogram focused very clearly on the babies’ bottoms. Both have female external genitalia. Hmm.

Interestingly, one measures about 22 weeks, and the other 20, so they are not evenly sized.

Here is the bump – I can’t believe how much my posture affects the pictures:



The babies are making their presence(s) felt by some gentle kicking from time to time. It's really soft, but now that I know what it is, I can easily recognise the feelings. AW has felt the kicks once or twice too!

Baby pigeons

Did I mention that while we were away getting married, some pigeons laid their eggs on our balcony? Well, I came home from work today and they had hatched! Amazing! a good omen, surely!

Love and baby dust to all!



9 thoughts on “21 Weeks. What a week.

    1. Ahhh – headaches I can handle – someone else separating me from the love of my life, and her from her children I cannot. I can’t stop thinking about it – like this can’t really be happening…

  1. Posture does make a huge difference!! Congrats on both baby girls!!! And I’m really sorry about all the law changes and how that affects your family. I’ll be honest, I haven’t been following those news a lot (actually any type of news), but it sucks. I hope you find a good solution to carrying out your plans!

    1. It SUCKS. I think we can potentially qualify, if I can arrange a job. That’s not unachievable. I don’t know quite where we would live, but I think we could arrange a rental in time for the application if we had to – it’s three months of rent down the toilet, but worth it if it gets us the Visa, right?

  2. Well I hope you can find a loop hole in all that to be able to get back home together. It’s crazy that things need to be so damn difficult. And two girls!!! Wow you guys really are in for double trouble! 😉

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