20 weeks …. Can’t believe we’re already here!

Someone from my work just wrote on fb that it’s just 15 weeks of school till Christmas.

That kind of means it’s 15 weeks till these babies are about ready to squeeze on out of my body. I’m a bit apprehensive about these intervening 15weeks. I’m following just one other twin pregnancy blog, and she’s already struggling to keep her babies inside – at 32 weeks. She has been on bed rest since 30 weeks. I’m supposed to be working all of these 15 weeks!

Babies, stay put! I don’t want bed rest please..!

We felt a kick for the first time on Friday night. It was really exciting. I was lying in bed winding down for the day, and I felt something weird. I thought to myself, “Could that be how it feels when a baby kicks?” and started to pay more attention. “Yes, I think so!” I thought and told AW. She put her hand on my tummy and couldn’t feel anything. I’d read that babies often respond to prodding, so I told AW to leave her hand still and flat, and then I gave the babies a bit of a poke. Boom! The girl baby (at least, last time she was lying above the boy) gave a response we both felt outside. We tried to poke her into doing it again, but once was all we got.

Here is this week’s bump pic:



4 thoughts on “20 weeks …. Can’t believe we’re already here!

  1. I hope you make it all the way! I think part of it is that I am a very short person, m two babies are taking up a LOT of space in my body! I feel like my uterus is basically at capacity! (I’m 5’2″). But in any case I do recommend planning on some bed rest, and to really really take it easy in the next few weeks to minimize any potential rest. That way if you don’t need bed rest, then great, but if you do it’s not a surprise and most everything is set up before 🙂

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