Married! :)

We had the best weekend with the loveliest company in Vietnam. I can’t stop smiling – have never felt this happy before. It is so cheesy but I can’t help it!

The wedding was very brief but we were able to give it the structure we wanted – there was no formality at all and we wrote some vows which made us both cry and get our make up everywhere. The room is very small and has no decoration, but we went out in the early morning and chose flowers from a street vendor and everything was so much from the heart. The food we had afterwards was a bit of a gamble but turned out to be absolutely perfect. It was all just as perfect as it could have been!

I will post some pictures in another post and you can just email me to ask for the password (I don’t want them to be completely public).

Here is one to whet your appetite:

The twins were definitely present on this special day!

On the downside, the UK is planning to remove the facility of the Embassy in Hanoi to perform CPs next year, forming the inconvenient requirement that all such registrations must occur in the UK. The lovely registrar expressed her opposition to this and said they will be fighting the decision, as they are the only embassy in the region where the service is available.

Pregnancy update – week 19

I am getting bigger and starting to feel some of the general discomforts that come due to pregnancy.

Here is the regular bump picture for comparison (or look here for week-by-week): 

I keep waking up on my back and in some discomfort, because allthough I go to sleep on my side, as per directions, my unconscious mind has other ideas. Now I am home I have transferred all our cushions to the bedroom in an attempt to wedge me in in my sleep. I think it worked last night.

We went on a day trip to Halong Bay on Sunday (the day before the wedding) and I really felt like it was a bit much for me. It was great to go there, but I mean – it was a 4 hour bus ride, lots of step climbing and general hot-and-botheredness. Apart from feeling very fat and unwieldy, the main symptom was elephant legs. I mean my feet were not my own – they swelled up SO much (sorry, no picture – tooooo gross).  They have since been better but I think they may well have begun what might turn out to be a daily puff. Great. It is wonderful to be pregnant but last night I found myself a bit overwhelmed by what is happening to my body, and more specifically what is still to happen, and how I am going to cope with working again (starts tomorrow!). There were tears.

Good luck to all those still trying for pregnancy, your turn will come!


27 thoughts on “Married! :)

  1. YAY that is so exciting for you girls! I am so happy for you both 🙂 It doesn’t have to be a huge elaborate ceremony at all, my wife and I got married in a private ceremony (just us and the officiate) and it was magical. I feel cheesy too but I don’t care, I love it! Congratulations again – I wish you a long and happy life together with your twinsies!

  2. Yay! Congratulations!!!!!!!!

    (PS: don’t worry about sleeping on your side, if you wake up on your back it’s okay. You’ll get big enough to where sleeping on your side is the only comfortable way to sleep.)

      1. Sure! Can you see my email on the post title? I’m not home at the mo and can’t open link to your email but can reply to your email. Don’t know why!

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