I think everything is ready!

Bangkok Baby Project

Really exciting week as we have found a small group of friends who want to come with us for our actual registration weekend- yay! Love you guys! That makes it more fun, AND means we no longer need to worry about sorting out witnesses.

The other very cool thing that happened yesterday was that A got her cert of no impediment, the official translations and the official stamps. This can involve a lot of hanging about but there is a (double) fast track price (800b as opposed to 400b) you can pay to get it all finished in one day. As the office is a long way out at Chaeng Wattana government complex, factoring in two more 200b taxis made the one-day price a no-brainer.

In an unexpected bonus, we discovered some cool stuff re. Adoption in Thailand. The office for adoption is in the same building and A popped…

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