Hellfire and Brimstone!

Bangkok Baby Project

Everything looks set to go for our trip to Hanoi at the beginning of July. We booked the flights for the first part of the trip where we ‘give notice’, and i also obtained my Visa. The actual DATE isn’t set in stone yet, though we are considering August 20th. That is because we met on the 20th of October and we mention that special date in the month, every month (cheesy, I know!!!). A just needs to arrange her Certificate of No Impediment (CNI) now.

We are so excited not just to be getting married, but to be doing so in such an exciting place. There is a lot wrong with the UK, but I am really grateful I am not from the US right now. If I were, I would be wanting to marry my amazing partner and being told flat out that I can’t, and worse, that…

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