Vietnam Visa

Bangkok Baby Project

Hey everyone,

So here is where we are now:

A needs a ‘Certificate of No Impediment’ (CNI)  which requires two witnesses. I thought this a very odd requirement, because unlike wedding witnesses, the witnesses cannot possibly ‘witness’ A’s singledom. So she had planned to organise that this Friday, but we will have to wait a little until witnesses are organised.

I dropped off my Vietnamese Visa app this afternoon, and it will be ready by Monday. It was 1800 baht (around 36UK pounds / 45US dollars (don’t quote me on the dollars)).

We have found out answers to all our Qs and we will spend 8 nights in Vietnam. Hanoi sounds really cool, but today I have been reading about Hoi An. The two places are not very close together so internal flights might be necessary.

So this is the plan: Arrive on ‘day 1’ (Sunday), We need to stay…

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