18 weeks

Feeling a but strange around the middle – a bit like there is pressing everywhere. There is a balloon in my tummy that is inflated gradually more and more- and on some days, like today, it feels as though someone gave it an extra pump in the night. I woke up feeling really squeezed in my bowels and can see that my bump is really popping out too.

Are any of you other pregnant ladies suffering from bad farts /wind (gas, for you ladies from the US)? I seem to be a balloon literally in those tubes as well figuratively in my uterus.


I’m awake late tonight because we got up to watch the olympic closing ceremony at 3am and the night before to watch the Thai favourite compete in boxing for gold. Also i’m excited about today; we picked up our cot! It is giant. It was such a bargain though. It’s so big that it has to stay in the sitting room for now, because it won’t go through the doorways. We need someone handy with a screwdriver to dismantle and reassemble it in the chosen bedroom… Sigh!

As we read that newborn babies like small beds, we decided to get some cute, soft baby baskets – check them out…



9 thoughts on “18 weeks

  1. I remember the gas all too well. It was horrible. I could give you a detailed explanation but in short, yup it is perfectly normal.

    Your bump is looking definitely very bumpy now. So cute! Enjoy.

    1. I think I read the explanation – something about your digestion slowing down so that all the possible nutrition can be extracted and passed to the baby/ies… is that what you were thinking of? It’s not much fun though – add it to the unwelcome spray of teenage spots on my face and the general discomfort and heaviness, and it makes me feel very unattractive indeed!

      1. Yes, that is exactly it. Blame progesterone! It spits are crappy too.

        I loved my pregnant body and I felt very sexy, but I was on pelvic rest due to a preterm labour scare at 22 weeks, so well…yes.

        Pregnancy isn’t very glamorous is it? There are so many funny like symptoms that nobody ever tells you about.

        Almost halfway…so exciting!

      2. Extremely unglam. I hope I can stay nice and active and not have to claim sick leave, but a lot of multiple pregnancies end up requiring bed rest, don’t they? I already feel so cumbersome- and I know what’s coming…

      3. Unfortunately I ended up on bedrest for a while, but only two weeks luckily. I carried to full term despite 3 hospital stays during my pregnancy. My boys were born at 37 weeks and 5 days, and I think I could have carried longer.

  2. Ha! The gas doesnt go away! My poor wife has been suffering for 7 months now…so don’t expect relief anytime soon from that fun part of pregnancy. Love that your bump is growing! I didn’t start showing with my first pregnancy until almost 20 weeks and with this one I popped out at 12 weeks! You look great! Glad to hear that all is well and things are moving right along. Hope you find someone Handy soon to help you out!

  3. There is another blogger (laughing promises?) at an almost identical stage to me in her (singleton) pregnancy – her bump has also been very visible for ages. I was starting to worry a bit but they are definitely growing now, as is their ‘house’ – and FAST!!! The gas…. ugh -not nice, but I think soon it will be the least of my worries -I am already getting some back pain and it’s quite tough to get used to manoeuvring about in bed or reclining with much reduced tummy muscles. Turning over has me grunting with effort – do you get that?

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