Udders and electric milk maids.

Breast pump hire is simple enough, if rather pricey.

The best-organised company and general favourite to hire definitely seems to be this l’il baby, the Medela Symphony:

The representatives from Medela in Bangkok were easy enough to find with good ole’ Google and I emailed them (click the picture above for a link to the contacts page). They responded asking for a phone number and I chickened out (as I often do with a) subject-specific /non-conversational vocab and b) phone calls) and gave them AW’s number.

It turns out that they will deliver it to your hospital ward or home and there is a deposit of B10000 (ouch!) and then you pay a rental which decreases the longer you keep it. I think we will hire it for about 6 months.

We could buy one. But then if I have problems breastfeeding, I am kind of stuck with something I can’t use or resell, which cost me around B14000 (nearly 300 pounds). Also I am concerned that if I am going to go all out for breastfeeding, I want to make sure the pump I use is seriously effective and time-efficient. This hireable one is a ‘hospital grade’, more-than-$1000-to-purchase item. It has a lot more sucks-per-minute than the affordable models, and if to my dismay, breast feeding doesn’t take off, I can send it back. It’s priciest rental rate is month-by-month at B3000 per month. The longer you commit, the less you pay incrementally. You also need to buy the tubes, suction cups and bottles, as these are not included in the hire.

Here are some CUSTOMER REVIEWS from Amazon.

It isn’t portable, so that is annoying, as ideally I would like to be able to find a quiet minute during my working day to express to keep that milk coming. However, even if I did have

  • a pump which I could carry to work,
  • a place I could express without interruption,
  • time to express,

I am not sure how I’d then store the expressed milk so it’s not spoiled by the end of the day. In the medical room fridge I suppose? In a cool box in my filing cabinet? It’s conceivable that we will also purchase a cheaper portable pump which I can stick on my boob and cover with a cloth during my lunch and other breaks at my desk!

So, loosely, I think that’s the breast-feeding plan. We will just have to see.


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