And the verdict iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis…

Today we had a really great day. We found out the gender of our babies (more later… 😉 ) …… and we also paid a visit to the ‘cheap’ public (non-international) hospital to reassure ourselves that we were not going back to the stone age in our quest to save some money. And it was a really nice experience – they showed us what we wanted to see and were really welcoming.

You can read about our choice of hospital –> HERE <–

Onto the important stuff!

Weight/ bump

Here is the change in bump over the last few weeks:

15 weeks
16 weeks
16.5 weeks

After not really putting on any weight, this month saw me stack on 5 KILOS, which I think is about 14 pounds. If I wasn’t pregnant, I would be almost suicidal about this much weight gain. My first gain was about two kilos, then I lost one, and then I gained 5- so it’s a total gain of around 6. Finally I am looking different. Not different enough for strangers to know I  am pregnant (they’ll think I am fat!), but I certainly feel different. I have a big build by nature (a low weight for me when working out 4 times a week or running daily is around 70kg) but my tummy has always, always been flat – my core strong and lithe. So it’s hard at the moment to watch it swelling and thickening  without revealing my actual pregnantness yet.


My skin is better, though still looking pretty spotty – that wave of zits I got a few weeks ago has just been working its way out – it was really like a rash and looked a bit like boy’s adolescent shaving rash around my chin. Now they’re all healing up and only one or two sore / live spots are left. Fuck off already!


I am still fairly uneasy about eating and not enjoying it much. AW is force feeding me which is necessary most of the time, but not always pleasant, especially if I am already full. Look at my breakfast in bed – a daily occurrence – oats with banana in the bowl, toast and fruit – I am a lucky girl!

Breakfast 🙂

17 week appointment

I had to slug some horribly sweet liquid to give me a sugar rush and then one hour later I was tested for Gestational Diabetes along with some other stuff. The results will come in on Friday. If I ‘failed’ the glucose test the this Saturday I will need to go to the clinic for the long haul. I will need to have four blood tests at hourly intervals punctuated at various intervals with intense bursts of sugary stuff. I really hope I don’t need to do that. It sounds awful, and I will have to do it alone because superchef will be working.

The big reveal was a bit of a flop – we had planned to copy the actions of a blog friend of mine here We had hoped to ask the Dr to write down the gender and put it in an envelope. We wanted to reveal it later whilst Skyping my parents, but as it turned out, it was a bit difficult not to look for /see the babies’ genitalia. So we already knew the gender result – add to that that mum ‘forgot’ the time and wasn’t back home till 10.30pm our time, and you have a bit of a fail. In this rock’n’roll household we are in bed with the Olympics at about 8! Still – they did Skype us and despite our sleepiness, we did ask them to guess and everyone was pleased that it iiiiiiis…………………. a boy and a girl!

I worked out that this was the most likely outcome however; here are the four possible outcomes:

  1. B  G
  2. B  B
  3. G  B
  4. G  G

We are really happy with that – it’s just what we didn’t dare hope for. There is a chance that the girl might be a boy with a very small willy, but only 2-3%chance of that error, so I think we’ll go with the verdict.

17 weeks! On the left is the boy, side on. On the right is the girl – a kind of birds’ eye view with her head in the bottom Right hand corner and her knees drawn up. Both are lying transverse at the moment.


Our stash of baby stuff is growing and now includes a second hand buggy. We received it this morning for a bargain price with a box of toys and cloths and even a nappy bag chucked in. Very, very grateful.

The Buggy 🙂
The other stuff they chucked in! 🙂 THANK YOU!





14 thoughts on “And the verdict iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis…

    1. Yes – I think it will! I am not sure just how much of everything we need to buy – I have purchased the newborn nappies, but they are still in the UK at my mum’s. Similarly, we already have one bed, but it isn’t here yet. We definitely still need a changing area (I think the counter in the bathroom is big enough for a mat). Buggy, newborn clothes, bottles, breastpump rental all arranged… Things are happening! We can’t really decorate a nursery here as we are renting, what else will we need? I need to read some lists. Steriliser! thermometer, the nostrils aspirator thingy…

  1. YAY!!!!! So exciting!!! I am so happy for you two! Looks like you are finally starting to show : ) Sorry that the gender reveal didn’t go as planned but I’m sure that you are excited just the same.
    Hope you’re feeling well!

  2. The gender reveal was ok – it was mostly funny waiting for my mum to rush home – my dad had fallen asleep in the mean time and had to be woken by her! I am generally feeling well but increasingly aware of the bump kind of squeezing my insides. The scan showed the boy is quite a way back, so he really might be pressing on my intestines! Hope you are also well XXX

  3. Congrats!! How exciting 🙂 My wife is going for her sugar test this Saturday and we will be 14 weeks then. We also have the 1st trimester ultrasound screening this afternoon and have yet to find out the gender of our little one and we are so impatient! I would love to find out today as an early birthday present (my birthday is Sunday the 12th) but I know its still a little early to be sure. 🙂

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