I really enjoy creating stuff and I have been asked to do the invitations for a friend-of-a-friend’s wedding. SHe asked me to do the photography too, but the date she will be married is 2 days after my 40 wks due date so (even if I have given birth 3 weeks previous to that at 37 weeks I don’t imagine I’ll be in any fit state to flit all around and capture the action like I did for my friend Dee’s wedding (which happened to be at the same venue!).

I can’t wait to get all creative about my own wedding celebrations (we will mark the occasion later on) and I am just over the moon about the very serious commitment AW and I are making in just over two week’s time! We had the rings polished up and made like new and I will wear one of my favourite dresses in royal blue. I’ll also be wearing some old favourite shoes (something old, something new, something blue… now what about something borrowed?).  I am not sure if I mentioned the seriously cute stamps we had carved for us in Hanoi? I plan to hand make invitations using them (I think).

It’s a good sign for babies to be born in the year of the Dragon, which ours will be.
The guy has so many cute designs into which he cuts your name. We couldn’t decide till we saw the bride and groom and had an idea… he was only too willing to make us a custom bride and bride stamp – and he even included my bump!

Below are my first invitation attempts for my friend-of-a-friend.  If you like what you see here, let me know if you can gainfully employ me for your own wedding or party invitations – I really enjoy it!


The Orange ones are looking to be the favourites as her wedding’s colour-theme is orange. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Creating

  1. Congrats on you up comming wedding! I love the stamp with your baby bump. Too cute! What an exciting time for you.

    You are going to LOVE being twin mummies. The first 4 months are tough but then it gets such fun.

    Keep well.

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