15 weeks 5 days – things are getting moving…

Hi everyone, Hope everyone is well?

The title of this post is due to the fact that we have started to prepare for the arrival of double trouble by making a few purchases.

‘Smart Nappies’

We are really keen to try to use reusable nappies, and so I went to investigate what’s available in Bangkok. The answer is, quite a variety, but all either simple terry cloths or super expensive modern styled nappies.

If you are not from the UK then perhaps you haven’t heard of the brand Mothercare, but they are a very long-standing and trusted shop. My mum and friends who are new mums all happily used and use their products. That’s the reason I started to investigate Mothercare’s own brand reusable nappies after I saw that ‘Itty Bitties’, ‘Bum Genius’ etc where available all hover between 20-25 pounds PER NAPPY. Unfortunately, though the department store outlets of Mothercare stock their ‘Smart Nappies’, they are only sold as individual ‘outers’. One ‘outer’ costs 950 baht. That’s somewhere around 19-20pounds, depending on the exchange rate – so no saving there. You have to buy the absorbant inserts separately. I did a search on Ebay and found there were lots, ad in ‘kits’ too. so I have bought a newborn kit and a small kit. For 12 nappies that cost 35pounds, including (UK) postage (mum and dad send them on (thanks mum and dad!). 

One thing that’s tricky about nappies is that you can’t tell if you like them until you are using them on your real live baby. The sheer variety is overwhelming if you look online, and as there’s little that is going to help you know what’s right for your baby/ies till you have tried them. So far though, I like them – there are no silly colour gimmicks and so (subconsciously at least) I feel we are paying for a no-nonsense product. They have received mixed reviews (some mums swearing by them and others claiming that they leak) and Mothercare has discontinued them (hence the proliferation on Ebay!). We’ll see. I think we will need to buy another set of newborns and loads more inserts but I feel happy that this important nappy decision has been made.


A friend of a friend put on facebook that they were selling their solid wood cot for a very reasonable price – we lept in as it is a large one and we thought it might hold both the twins for a while. We haven’t picked it up yet, but it is a really reasonable price – 3000baht /60pounds. Those sorts of beds cost about 20000baht/ 400pounds new so we are really excited.











Play mat and toys

So we also got a play mat and toys from Ikea.

Baby bath and newborn clothes

(I already told you about those :))

So things are moving along nicely.


Other sorts of movement I can’t be sure I am feeling (but think I am) is a bit of fluttering in my tummy. It feels a bit like when you are digesting something that has given you wind – sort of bubbling – near my belly button. Could that be them wriggling around? When I am lying down my belly looks and feels quite distended, but not so much when I am standing up. I’ll post a belly pic again tomorrow.





2 thoughts on “15 weeks 5 days – things are getting moving…

  1. It’s crazy how many different kinds of diapers there are. I’m planning on getting about 200 diapers (not reusable though), a bunch of different kinds and brands, and we’ll see what works. My guess is 200 diapers will last about a week and a half, so we have a few days to try things out before committing to a larger purchase. Yeesh.

    I’ve heard for twins you can usually keep them together for about 6 months, but then they start rolling around and waking each other up so a lot of people separate them then. But I bet there are ways to work around it if there’s only room for one crib!

    1. I’m still unsure about the bed/s. I think we will need a couple of Moses baskets too? Also i have just found our the nappy range I decided on is discontinued so I might have trouble buying enough. Grrr.

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