Spanner in the works!! >:(


So we have hit a really annoying wall in our Civil Partnership plans.
The embassy told us ages ago that there ‘ought to be no problem’ with our date of Aug 20th so we and our witnesses all booked our flights. We did know that the official booking could not take place until after the 14days notice had expired without impediment (This Monday), but when you are asking frineds to act as witnesses and to fly to Vietnam, you do need to plan ahead. Anyway, thankfully no hotels or visas have been paid for yet, because now, of course, there IS a problem, in that the registrar has taken leave during that week. I am so furious, but it does look as though we can change the flights easily enough. The problem is with our witnesses.


 I have written several emotional emails back to the embassy including sending back the one she wrote to me where she assures us that we should be fine booking Aug 20th and that they will ‘keep it in mind’. Tomorrow I hope they reply with some profuse apologies (I’ll be lucky, right?) and tell us we can keep things just as they are.  If we have to change the dates, two of our three guests will be having a weekend in Hanoi alone instead of attendign their friends’ wedding, and we are short one witness.
We did meet a really nice Vietnamese lady last time we were in Hanoi, so I have also contacted her -it is easier for her to help us at short notice. We have three months to get our CP from Monday’s date, Jul 23, which takes us up to October 23rd, but by then I will be to pregnant to fly, and I go back to work on Aug 23rd. I have no more time off till October, the problem with which I have already stated… and because it’s an Embassy, weekends are out of the question.


 We are really upset – I have really hammed it up on my emails to poor Ha at the embassy but seriously, if we can’t reorganise it before we go back to work then we actually run the risk of not being able to do it at all before the babies are born – that hugely affects our family plans. 😦

Will let you know what happens tomorrow – the poor woman has 4 emails from my initial disbelief and horror, to more practial solutions as I found out that unbelievably, skanky Air Aria will allow us to change our flight dates (for a fee of course), that one of our three guests probably can reschedule, and onto thinking about any other dates which might become magically unavailable. speak to different people who may or may not now be able to come with us.

Sigh. There’s always something!


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