Out with the old….

….in with the new. Yesterday two things happened. One, I decided reluctantly that my pretty cool boob piercing needed to go. It had been a little uncomfortable since all the changes in my boobs anyway – not sure if it shifted or got rubbed more or what. SO, knowing that my nipples are likely to be super sore anyway when there are two little critters sucking on them, I did the necessary. I really liked that piercing -by far the most enduring favourite of any of my piercings over the years. Even the manner of getting it… when a friend and I were having a great holiday together we went in on impulse and each got a piercing which we concealed from my parents like we were still teens.


But now my nipple gotta do a job…. It was a bittersweet moment. Out with the old.

The second thing was that my nice neighbour (leaving BKK for the UK) came over and offered us her baby’s baby bath, bath support and towels. So we got our first piece of baby equipment…! In with the new.



Goals to keep the boredom away(see here Only Boring People Get Bored)

Just to let you know, I didn’t get so far with yesterday’s objectives 😦

  • I went to the BAMBI store and to my dismay it isn’t a second-hand baby shop at all – everything is new and NOT Thai (or UK) price – it’s all IMPORT prices and very high end. Still I did get to handle and understand a bit better about reusable nappies (diapers). Shit (pardon the pun) they are expensive. I think I will be ordering them from the UK.
  • It was too late to head over to the BACC but I am off there this morning instead for a dose of culture.
  • One of the reasons I was too late was that I tried to register with Shutterstock to see if they’s accept any of my photographs on their books. But it takes AGES – I mean like an afternoon, and after I had chosen and uploaded pictures something in the web form crashed so it was all a waste of time. I will try again later though!

Other objectives are to do something creative -either some drawings or a collage.

Have a lovely day!


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